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If you are visiting this page it means that you are interested in visiting Iran. We have seen a big rise in Spanish speaking tourists visiting Iran recently.
Well you have come to the right place. With us, you can explore Iran’s ancient history as well as its recent. Step inside the palaces of Persepolis, gaze at the treasures of Imam square in Isfahan– inside and out – or at the stars of Yazd’s desert at night.

In addition to old scholar and economic relations between Iran and Spain, modern Iran also attracts many Spanish speaking tourists who want to experience a trip like no other they have experienced before. Our company values our Spanish speaking guests greatly both from Europe and Latin America.

Customized tours: we specialize in customized tours because thanks to our strong network of affiliates around Iran, we can arrange your tour the way you like it. You can choose one of our advertised tours or just tell us what you want to see and we will email you an itinerary suitable to your desires.

Spanish speaking guides: Sometimes, no matter how good is your English, it is best and most memorable when you’re guided around a country in your own mother language. It makes a huge difference. Take a custom tour with us in the company of a local guide who speaks your language. We can arrange everything, from restaurant, to shopping and tours, while saving you the most money. Interpretation and translation service is also available. We are adamant about hiring guides we personally know and trust, and who share their love for Iran and passion for teaching. It's the biggest reason why so many of our clients come back again.

Iran visa for Spanish Citizens:
Iranian visa for Spanish citizens is very easy to obtain. There are two ways you can do this.
Iran visa on arrival: Spanish citizens are eligible to apply for an Iranian visa at an international airport in Iran, you just need 50 Euros in cash, two passport photographs and fill out a couple of forms. This visa is valid for 14 days and can be extended for another two weeks when you are in Iran.
Normal Iran visa: This is a normal visa issued at an Iranian embassy near you, no matter where in the world you are. Please see our visa page for more information.

Business trip to Iran:
We provide all business services you may require in Iran as a Spanish citizen. We apply for your business visa, provide you with accommodations in all classes, and book your local translator/driver and whatever else you may need.

To take advantage of one our services, please simply send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Although you are interested in visiting old Persia, you do not have that much time? This 5-day tour is designed for you. You can visit Tehran the capital of Iran and also two famous metropolises of this country -Isfahan and Shiraz - in only 5 days plus 6 UNESCO World Heritages and many other attractions.

    Tehran Travel by Plane Isfahan Travel by Car Shiraz

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  • Going around Iran from Tehran in the North to the west of Iran in Ahwaz (oil capital) and continue your route from Shiraz and southern roads to south-east then go to the center of Iran and continue your travel in the heart of Iran and going back again to Tehran airport, you will experience a tour in the points of the compass of Ancient Persia only in 11 days.  

    Tehran Travel by Plane Ahwaz Travel by Car Shiraz Travel by Car Yazd via Meymand Travel by Car Isfahan Travel by Car Kashan via Abyaneh

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  • With only spending 7 days in Iran, this tour offers you the essence of this country. Visiting famous cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz you can also have a tour of Kashan and Abyaneh. You can also visit 6 UNESCO World Heritages of Iran in this brief time.

    Tehran  Travel by Car  Kashan Travel by Car  Isfahan vai Abyaneh Travel by Car  Shiraz 

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  • Silk Road, a herald of relationship among nations, played an essential role for transfer of culture and goods to other countries, and Iran as a part of this ancient road with its rich cultural vestiges, ancient civilization, vastness of land and climatic and geographical varieties has a lot of attractions to offer.

    Tehran  Travel by Plane  Mashhad  Travel by Car  Shahrud  Travel by Car  Damghan  Travel by Car  Qazvin  Travel by Car  Zanjan  Travel by Car  Tabriz  Travel by Car  Kandovan

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