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The most important similarity between France and Iran is their social culture. For the peoples of France and Iran their values, their friendships and their family cultures is very important. All of this mentioned reasons will play important role in attracting French tourists to Iran

It's been almost three years since my friends and I decided to start learning the French language. When we made that decision, our goal of learning French was just for our leisure. During the French course we chose topics about the country of France and presented in French. These topics were about the culture and art of this country, customs and politics in this country. During this time; I would be more interested in France, especially the French, because in my opinion there are many similarities between France and Iran.
France and Iran are well known for their rich diversity cultural heritage in the world. Both countries are the cradle of art and literature that many artists, painters and poets have brought to the world at different times, you can find their artistic capital in the world's most famous museums.

No matter where you are in France (Paris ,Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille) we will organize everything for you. Please be in touch with our experts.

Beautiful and magnificent historical monuments; works such as magnificent churches and unparalleled palaces of France and Iran are known around the world.
The most important similarity between France and Iran is their social culture. For the peoples of France and Iran their values, their friendships and their family cultures is very important. All of this mentioned reasons will play important role in attracting French tourists to Iran.

Every year, the large number of tourists intend to travel but it is very difficult for them to choose between cities and countries of the world. Each country tries a lot to attract them with the facilities that it offers to the tourists:

Fortunately, the country of Iran has been a good destination in 2017 which is included as an attractive destination for foreign tourists, especially French tourists.
Iran is one of the recommended countries for tourists in 2018 and the number of tourists who opt for Iran to travel is increasing year by year.

A year after the abolition of sanctions against Iran, Iran welcomes French tourists more than ever. However, before the abolition of sanctions against Iran, France and its people continued to support Iran.

Curious and intellectual tourists decide to enter Iran, which is the land of contradictions. A country that, unlike its almost unrealistic face inspired by the media around the world, is a safe country with a hospitable people.

Like any other country in the world to enter and travel to Iran, every tourist needs a visa application, but getting a tourist visa is not difficult at all, because Iran tries a lot to eliminate obstacles especially for French tourists.
If you think it's time to see Iran closely, Mahan, Iran Air and Air France are the airlines that fly directly to Paris. Just close your suitcase and go to the land of the four seasons.

8 day Iran packages for French speakers
As I said before, Iran is an ancient country that has many historical sites and tourist attractions that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The itinerary below that has been arranged for those who like to experience a unique journey in their lives and find some of the most beautiful and unspoiled tourist attractions of Iran, including ancient cities with mosques breathtaking and beautiful natural landscapes. This tour starts and ends in Tehran, so you can visit the highlights of a beautiful country, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Day 1: Tehran-Shiraz
Arrival in Tehran, welcome by your guide and transfer to your hotel. After a few hours of rest in your hotel, you will have a half-day tour of the city of Tehran to visit its highlights such as Archaeological Museums, Glass and Carpet. Then you will be transferred to the airport to fly to Shiraz in the evening.
Night in Shiraz

Day 2: Shiraz
On the second day of Shiraz, after having a delicious breakfast, you will start to visit the city of Shiraz by exploring Eram Garden and enjoy its perfect weather and its picturesque scene. Then visit the Vakil Complex including (Vakil Bathroom, Vakil March, Vakil Mosque and Karimkhan Citadel), Nasiro- Molk Mosque, Narenjestan Palace. Your day will end to spend a few hours exploring and enjoying the grave of Hafiz who was one of the famous poets of Iran.
Night in Shiraz

Day 3: Shiraz-Persepolis-Yazd
Early in the morning you will be driven from Shiraz to Yazd.
Along the way, you will have a stop to visit Persepolis, Naghsh-E-Rustam, Naghsh-e-Rajab and Pasargadae, then go on the surface to Yazd in the heart of Iran. Based on the arrival time, you will have a short stop to visit the 4500 year old cypress.
Overnight in Yazd.

Day 4: Yazd
On the first day of Yazd, start walking through the old part of Yazd to visit the Jame Mosque, learn about Qanats in the water museum and visit Amir Chakhmagh Tekkie and the mosque. Then you will continue to visit the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and the Fire Temple to familiarize yourself with the Zoroastrian heritage.

Day 5: Yazd-Isfahan
On the second day of Yazd, you will be driven to Isfahan. On the way, you have a stop to visit the village of Naein: Narin Castle, the traditional cotton weaving workshops and the Jame Mosque in Naein:
Overnight in Isfahan

Day 6: Isfahan
Visit of Isfahan to visit the Imam Square: A'li Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques, Chehel-Sotoun Palace, Bazaar. In the evening, visit the Sio-se-Pol and Khajou and Zoorkhaneh bridges.
Overnight in Isfahan

Day7: Isfahan-Tehran
On the second day of Isfahan, you have a half day tour of Isfahan to visit the Vank Cathedral in the Jolfa area and the Jame Mosque. In the afternoon, you will be taken to Tehran.
Overnight in Tehran

Day 8: Tehran-Departure
In the last day, you will be transferred to Tehran International Airport to return to your country.


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  • The most important similarity between France and Iran is their social culture. For the peoples of France and Iran their values, their friendships and their family cultures is very important. All of this mentioned reasons will play important role in attracting French tourists to Iran

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