Zarandieh to Arak Route

From Qajar to Safavid: Uncovering Historical Marvels

Explore Qajar and Safavid-era sites on Day One of your journey from Zarandieh to Arak. Highlights include Mahdi Abad Refrigerator, Chenaqchi waterfall, Alvir Village, and Arak’s Four Seasons Bathhouse.

1 Days

Zarand Arak

Day 1: Zarand to Arak

We initiate our journey south of Mamounieh, where just before entering the city of Vardeh, the Mahdi Abad Refrigerator, a Qajar-era structure with a unique semi-underground, circular design, beckons. As we proceed into Vardeh, the main boulevard, named after Imam Khomeini, leads us to significant historical sites including the Seyyed Mansour monument from the Ilkhanate-Safavy era and the Qajar-period city bathhouse.

In Zarand Kohane, the old part of the city, we explore the tomb of Imamzadeh Panj Tan, showcasing Ilkhani architecture, among other notable sites. Our journey continues towards Hossein Abad village, about 8 kilometers along the Khoshkroud road, where we discover the Gardi Negin residence, an ideal spot for relaxation and experiencing traditional local ambiance.

Heading towards Saveh – Boyin Zahra, approximately 7 km along the road, we encounter a beautifully preserved Safavid-era caravanserai, before entering Kharghan from the Razghan junction. A detour of about 70 km from the city center brings us to Alvir village, home to the Kabal Ali Khan Khalaj bathhouse and Qajar-period architectural marvels, as well as the Chenaqchi waterfall and the sacred Sarkis church in Chenaqchi village, a popular tourist destination.

Our return trip includes a restful stop in Vardeh village at the Kohustan eco-tourism residence, near the historic Shah Abbasi caravanserai and the Aliabad spring, making it a prime tourism site.

Concluding our day in Arak, we delve into the city’s cultural heritage, visiting the Four Seasons Bathhouse, and Vakil Castle Museum, and strolling through the historical bazaar, collecting souvenirs that capture the essence of this historic journey.

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