Whether customizing a trip for five to ten family members or planning an express tour for dozens of people, you can rely on Incredible Iran’s travel agents. We’ve made it as easy as possible to assemble the best program at the best price possible. In some cases, you’ll need more help from us; in others, you can pick and choose.

“I like to visit Iran, but I also love meeting people from other countries. I believe this is both cultural and adventurous. Is there any possibility of having such an experience in your tour packages?”

Shari, 34 years old

“The itinerary that you have suggested is perfect for me. Is it possible to have this Tour but with a more budget price? “

Martin, 45 years old

“I am an amiable person. I want to have friends from different parts of the world and, oh… I also love to travel to Iran. What should I do?”

Michelle, 27 years old

The answer to these questions is one: join a group, enjoy more and pay less. In the first 15 days of each month, we offer an 8-day group tour to our customers of different nationalities.

The itinerary includes Iran highlights and prominent cities.

Check the itinerary below:

8 Days Tour

Tehran  Kashan  Isfahan  Yazd  Shiraz

Here are some tips on Group travel:

  • Just six make a group!
  • We offer competitive concessions that will work best for any group
  • Competitive rates
  • Social opportunities: In a group tour, meeting new people is part of the fun.
  • Set dates and extraordinary itineraries.

And the itinerary:

Day1: Tehran

Arrive in Tehran, meet your English-speaking guide, and transfer to the hotel; after rest, you will start visiting Archaeological, Glass and Carpet museums.

Overnight Tehran

Day 2: Kashan

Drive to Kashan to visit Fin Garden, Boroujerdi House, Tabatabi House and Tappeh Sialk; then have a different experience of staying in one of the traditional hotels of this city that is in combination with

modern facilities.

Overnight Kashan

Day3: Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan, and on the way, you will have a visit to the ancient village of Abyaneh –one of the three significant villages of Iran- with its unique red soil and colorful dresses of its women. After having your lunch and a short rest in this inspiring village, you will go to Isfahan and have a half-city tour of visiting Vank cathedral, walking in the streets and bank of Zayandeh Rood (river) and watching Siose-Pol and Khaju Bridges.

Overnight Isfahan

Day4: Isfahan

City tour of Isfahan visiting: Naghsh-e Jahan complex, a UNESCO world heritage site (A’li Qapu palace, Sheikh Lotfollah, Imam Mosque and Traditional Bazaar); for lunch, you can experience the local traditional food of this city and then visit Hasht-Behesht.

Overnight Isfahan

Day5: Yazd

Drive to Yazd to visit the Tower of Silence, Jame mosque (another UNESCO World Heritage), Dowlat Abad Garden, Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Amir-Chakhmagh.

Overnight Yazd

Day6: Shiraz

Drive to Shiraz; on the way, we have a short stop to visit two masterpieces of historical sites (also UNESCO world heritages): Persepolis and Pasargadae.

Overnight Shiraz

Day7: Shiraz

City tour of Shiraz to visit Zand complex: Karim Khan’s citadel, Pars museum, Vakil bath (traditional Iranian bath), Vakil mosque, Vakil bazaar- the traditional bazaar of Shiraz and Moshir caravanserai. You also visit Nasir-al Molk mosque, known as Pink or Colorful Mosque.

You will visit Eram Garden, Hafez and Saadi tombs, Gahan-Nama Garden and Ali-even Hamzeh Shrine in the afternoon. Then you briefly visit Quran Gate at night and watch Shiraz city from above.

Transfer to Shiraz airport for departure late at night.

Day 8:

Your departure from Iran

The itinerary includes Iran highlights and prominent cities.

Services: (6pax)

*       Visa code (invitation letter)

*       Accommodation in Double room in 3* Hotels

*       Breakfast

* English-speaking guide

*       Transportation with a minibus with 13 seats

*       Airport transfers