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Unveiling Iran's Farming and Gardening: Iran Agro Tours

Embark on a 9-day tour that takes you through the lush agricultural lands of Kamfiruz, Marvdasht, and Shiraz. Witness the farming practices that define Iran’s heritage. Explore the cultural wonders of Shiraz, Isfahan, and Tehran, visiting iconic sites like Persepolis and Eram Garden. This journey offers an immersive blend of rural charm and urban vibrancy, showcasing Iran’s agricultural and cultural riches.

9 Days



Day 1: Tehran

Tehran Arrival in Tehran, transfers to hotel, overnight.

Day 2: Tehran - Shiraz

A half-day city tour of Tehran to visit the archaeological, glass, and carpet museums; fly to Shiraz in the evening, overnight Shiraz.

Day 3: Shiraz

Excursion to Persepolis and Necropolis, then half-day city tour of Shiraz to visit Eram Garden, Nasiro-Molk Mosque, Narenjestan Palace, tombs of poet Hafez and bazaar, Overnight Shiraz.

Day 4: Shiraz - Marvdasht

On the fifth day, we embark on an extended excursion to Marvdasht, a prominent region known for being Iran’s leading wheat and corn producer. This day is dedicated to delving deep into the techniques and practices employed to cultivate these vital crops in this area. By immersing ourselves in the agricultural landscape of Marvdasht, we gain valuable insights into the intricate processes that result in the bountiful yields of wheat and corn.
As the day comes to a close, we return to Shiraz for the night, enriched with a deeper appreciation for the role of agriculture in Iran’s economy and culture.

Day 5: Shiraz - Kamfiruz

Iran Agro Tours presents an extended excursion on the fifth day, taking you to Marvdasht, a distinguished region renowned as Iran’s primary producer of wheat and corn. This day is dedicated to immersing you in the techniques and practices employed to cultivate these crucial crops in this area. By delving into Marvdasht’s agricultural landscape, you’ll gain invaluable insights into the intricate processes leading to the abundant wheat and corn yields.
After this enriching experience, we made our way back to Shiraz

Day 6: Shiraz - Ghasrodasht Gardens

Thanks to the unique climate in Shiraz, the gardeners can produce different kinds of fruits such as Grapes, Oranges, Apples, Cherries, etc. Based on your interest, we would arrange a day tour to visit some of these gardens, Overnight Shiraz.

Day 7: Shiraz -Isfahan

A half-day tour in Shiraz to visit some more Persian gardens in the city, then a flight to Isfahan in the afternoon, overnight Isfahan.

Day 8: Isfahan

City tour of Isfahan to visit Imam Square, including Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques, big bazaar and then Chehel-Sotoun Palace, overnight Isfahan.

Day 9: Isfahan - Tehran

A half-day city tour of Isfahan to visit the Vank Cathedral and Friday Mosque, and a flight to Tehran in the afternoon, Overnight Tehran.

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