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Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, with rocky coastlines that protect a mountainous and often beautiful interior. The coast is dotted with small villages and towns.

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The beautiful nature of Qeshm has made the island an ideal beach holiday and an intriguing place for eco-friendly tourism with its astonishing natural beauty. Amongst many attractions are:

  • The Namakdan cave, a stunning salt cave with breathtaking crystals and icicles, has therapeutic properties for individuals suffering from respiratory ailments.
  • The Valley of Stars and Chah-Kou are among two of Qeshm Island’s numerous coral-covered mountains.
  • The Hara forests, dominated by saltwater trees known as the Avicennia marina, are among the natural wonders of Qeshm. The trees, which grow as high as three to eight meters and have external roots, are often submerged at high tide. Home to some ten species of migratory tropical birds, the trees have bright green leaves and bear sweet almond-like fruit from mid-July to August.
  • The wondrous flora and fauna of the island please the eyes of visitors. Home to 11 species of crab and numerous kinds of fish, Qeshm is a paradise for sea creatures. Nearly 70 ancient water wells, known as Tala wells, are reminders of the advanced Achaemenid water supply system.
  • The ancient Anahita Temple is reminiscent of the island’s rich history, when the people of Qeshm paid tribute to the Persian water goddess, Anahita.

There are twice-weekly flights to Qeshm Island from most major airports in Iran.

Visitors can also spend a day at the island’s numerous malls or experience the workings of a traditional Persian bazaar.

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