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The Persian Achaemenid Empire was founded by Cyrus the great in 550 B.C. and defeated by Alexander in 330 B.C.
Extending from Anatolia and Egypt across western Asia to northern India and Central Asia it is known as a vast multicultural empire, ruled by Persians.

Do you know why Iranian boast having Persepolis?
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Beside the unique architecture of this ancient city of 2500 years ago, the respect to the human rights at that time is considered as a brilliant characteristic of Persepolis:

In constructing Persepolis, there was NO SLAVERY. According to the numerous tablets that have been found in Persepolis, every people had their own salaries.

2500 years ago, female workers of this city have the right of maternity leave, in time of their pregnancy.

There was a day care center for female workers to put their little children there and go to work.

Are you a Ski enthusiast?
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Do you enjoy skiing in high altitudes?

Do you want to spend your time in ski resorts with fresh smell of natural snow?

Are you seeking for powdery snow with fewer competitors for the fresh snow?

Then you are very welcomed in two famous Iranian ski resorts: Dizin & Shemshak.

Maybe for many of you it seems strange. It was also strange for some tourists and ski lovers before their visit to Dizin and Shemshak. But now we have many requests for Dizin and Shemshak resorts from all over the world including European who seeks higher altitude than their ski resorts. Let's check Dizin and Shemshak resorts (we suggest you to also check Trip Advisor and You Tube):

Happy Mehregan
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Today is the first day of autumn in Iran. In very ancient Persia this spectacular season was the beginning of New Year. Why? Because this season is the beginning of agricultural year - regard this day as a kind of harvest festival.

The first month of autumn in Iran is called: Mehr. Today is the first day of Mehr. But who is Mehr?

Mehr or Mitra is the name of a legendary god in ancient Persia. He is the god of brightness, friendship and affection. In order to appreciate this god, Mehr, Persian people celebrate this day and called it Mehregan (1500 years later they celebrated Mehregan in 16th day of this month).

But what did ancient Persian do in this day?

A city made by sun and snow: A city named Sisakht
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Sisakht is a small beautiful city in south west of Iran. It is located in Kokiluye and Boyerahad province. You can easily put step on Shiraz- Isfahan road and after passing cities like Sepidan and Yasooj you will get to this area. This city is a cold snow-covered area during winter which shows off the white picture it has made. During other seasons, the city is replete with delicate wind, filled flowing streams, green forests, and gardens full of fruits and flowers.

Ista Village: a weird village in Iran
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We have all got used to our machinery lives. Perhaps it's even so hard to imagine our lives without these facilities for an hour. However, nearly all of us let nature embraces us so that we can ease our minds from life's difficulties. If you are looking for a place far away from today's machinery world, Ista Village in the north of Iran would be a nice choice for you. You can also visit Taleghan Village the people of which seem to be ceased in time.

A forest in the middle of a desert
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In north east of Iran, in one of the villages of Sabzevar township that is called Estaj, you will see a fabulous sight as if God has looked at it discriminately. It will excite you to see a green area filled with trees having blossoms and a small river while birds are singing.

The southern Islands in Iran
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Quiet, calm and almost vacant islands with beautiful beaches, sands and rocks. It is also best place for relaxation, recreation, swimming, and sun bathing. At its beachs, Diving, fishing and taking photos are routine staffs that you can do.

Paintings of God
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In north part of Iran in Orost village of Sari town, you will face with view which seems someone painted earth with incredible colors.
The natural site with two distinct mineral springs and  different natural characteristics that  located at 1,840 metres above sea level. Place with spring waters that are quite different in terms of color, smell ,taste ,volume of water and even different health benefits.

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If you want to get ready to go on a trip, these 5 cities are good suggestions for escaping the summer heat.

If you are running away from the heat of summer and have the opportunity to travel, before you choose other countries for travel, it is not a bad idea to go inside Iran and take advantage of the cool air in the summer and have a tour of our own country. One of the special features of Iran is its four seasons.

While in the south of the country, the temperature reaches above 50 degrees, in some parts of Iran, you will have an air temperature of about 24 degrees in the summer.

Iran is now celebrating Sanction Relief
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Finally, Western sanctions against Iran have been officially lifted. Iran President – Hassan Rouhani - congratulated the Iranian people:
"Implementation Day-I thank God for this blessing & bow to the greatness of the patient nation of Iran. Congrats on this glorious victory!"

Happy Yalda Night
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Years and years, people of all around the world celebrate winter solstice (shortest day of the year and its longest night).  In Iran we call this night Yalda.
Why we celebrate Yalda night:
It is the longest night in year and it means from now on the days will be longer and the darkness will be shorter. In ancient Persia (now Iran) this night regarded as the birth night of the Sun.

Iran Business Tour
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According to World Bank Group ( Iran is the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and also the second largest population of this region.
Iran is known as the second country in the world in natural gas reserves and fourth in proven crude oil reserves.
For years this country was involved with strict sanction but after agreement on the Iranian nuclear program in Vienna on 14 July 2015, the government is now so ambitious for expanding its economic relationships with other countries. This country is now focusing on the development of its economy and progress in science and technology.

Visit Meymand: A journey through human civilization
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Meymand is a very ancient village which is located near Shahr-e Babak city in Kerman Province. This village is approximately 12000 years old and dates back to when human residence was started in the Iranian Plateau.  Many of its residents live in the 350 hand-dug houses amid the rocks, some of which have been inhabited for as long as 3,000 years. A lot of stone carvings dating back to thousands of years ago have been found in and around this ancient village.
The village is a UNESCO world heritage site and was awarded UNESCO's 2005 Melina Mercouri prize.

Kandovan: A rocky village in Iran
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In a remote north-western corner of Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province, south of the provincial capital Tabriz, lies the settlement of Kandovan. Not only is the area famous for its scenic beauty and the healing power of its spring waters, Kandovan is also home to a remarkable modern age troglodyte (cave dweller) community. It is known all around the world for its unique rock-carved houses dating back more than 700 years. The 5 star Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel is the first of its kind in Iran and the second in the world, after the luxurious Yunak Evleri Cave Hotel, in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Iran visa now available in London - Apply now
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According to a recent article in The Gaurdian newspaper, amid plans for reopening British embassy and

Iranian embassy in Tehran and London respectively, Iran’s semi functional embassy in London has been

issuing visas for British citizens since April.

This is great news for our British guests as it saves them an expensive trip to Dublin and other European


If you are a British citizen and wish to travel to Iran, please email us now and we will arrange your visa

and tour.

Iran’s tourism boom – Booking in advance
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You may already have heard that Iran’s new open door policy has resulted in a surge of tourists visiting the country. Once a niche market in tourism industry, visiting Iran has now become a new hit within the Middle East. Iran's landscape is diverse, attracting thrill-seekers from around the world that enjoy skiing and hiking in the country's Alborz mountains, as well as sun worshippers who frequent beach resorts by the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf.

Iran has witnessed more than 30% growth in tourism since last year. Administration officials say it’s just the beginning of a boom in the country’s untapped sector, which is set to create millions of jobs and bring billions of dollars to the economy in the near future.

How not to be culturally shocked in Iran: awkwardness in Iran
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In Islam, physical contact between unrelated males and females is not allowed. Hence, the handshake etiquette between two parties of the same sex is similar to other cultures. However, when it comes to shaking hand between a man and woman, the etiquette is to wait for the lady to extend her hand. Follow this rule or you will see yourself with an extended arm that no-one wants to shake. It is very awkward.

Personal Space

Nothing to worry about on this subject, but only be advised that this space is a few inches shorter in Iran. Don't be surprised if you see people looking over each other's shoulders while waiting at an ATM machine. Or they stand closer than usual to you while asking for direction.

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On the morning of Sunday 24th of November, Iranians and many people woke up to the good news of a nuclear deal which would make the world a safer place. Everyone gave peace a chance and without a doubt this deal will improve Iran’s tourism industry, particularly after the open door policy of its news president.A lot of people, surprisingly enough many from the US, have shown interest in visiting Iran as soon as the news of the deal broke to the world.

Iran-USA: Travelling beyond politics
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There is nothing more humbling than a warm smile of welcome from locals when you arrive in a country, especially when you are well aware that inflammatory comments from leaders, threatened boycotts, talks of war, sanctions and complaints to the UN have been raging for decades. This is exactly how our Americans feel when they first land in Iran and that is just one of the joys – and privileges – of travel.

Flexible Iran Tour Options & Extenstions

  • Spicing up your itinerary with a visit to the pearl of the Persian Gulf can be the perfect send-off before you end your journey to Iran.

    Kish Island is located on the northeast of the Persian Gulf about 17 km from the southern offshore of mainland Iran. The island has beautiful white silvery sand beaches. The coral beaches of Kish sparkle in the sunlight. This is something, which the sandy beaches of many resort areas worldwide do not offer. The seawater near the beach is crystal clear and one can see the bottom of the sea up to a far distance. This is, of course, due to the corals around the island, which purify the water. Relative to its area, Kish has one of the longest beach stretches.

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  • The northern coasts of Iran, are the proof of its diversity in term of landscape and climate. The Caspian Sea coasts stretch out on over 372 miles. Orange and lemon trees, rice-fields and tea plantations line the coast, which is flanked by mangroves and marshes.

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  • Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, with rocky coastlines that protects a mountainous and often beautiful interior. The coast is dotted with small villages and towns.

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  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with Iranian Nomads and learn about their culture and way of life which have not changed for centuries.

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  • Modern skiing, or skiing as we currently know it, came to Iran around the year 1930, roughly 85 years after the first modern ski competitions took place in the world.

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  • Iran’s religious sites don’t just appeal to the followers of Shiite Islam; the mixture of art, architecture and culture attracts visitors from all walks of life. Adding a visit to these holy shrines to your current itinerary familiarizes you with a more traditional and religious way of Iranian life and the post Islamic architecture will simply take your breath away. These tours can be arranged for the following cities

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  • Desert Tours in Iran is one of the popular Iran Tours which allows the tourists to browse the scenery of the sand dunes and salt marshes of the country.

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  • Apart from all its historical and cultural highlights, Iran is a country with a great diversity in natural attractions such as Spa resorts.

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Our Most Popular Tour Packages

  • The relationship between Iran and India is one of the oldest and strongest in the modern history. The existence of several empires spanning both Persia and India ensured the constant migration of people between the two regions and the spread and evolution of the Indo-Iranian language groups.

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  • Probably no country in the world is more mischaracterized in Western eyes than Iran, it's easy to forget that behind all of the politics, ordinary folks are living their ordinary lives not all that different from anywhere else.

    Shiraz Travel by Car Bavanat Travel by Car Yazd Travel by Car Isfahan Travek by Plane Tehran

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  • Although you are interested in visiting old Persia, you do not have that much time? This 5-day tour is designed for you. You can visit Tehran the capital of Iran and also two famous metropolises of this country -Isfahan, and Shiraz - in only 5 days plus 6 UNESCO World Heritages and many other attractions.

    Tehran Travel by Plane Isfahan Travel by Car Shiraz

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  • With only spending 7 days in Iran, this tour offers you the essence of this country. Visiting famous cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz you can also have a tour of Kashan and Abyaneh. You can also visit 6 UNESCO World Heritages of Iran in this brief time.

    Tehran  Travel by Car  Kashan Travel by Car  Isfahan vai Abyaneh Travel by Car  Shiraz 

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