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The Persian Achaemenid Empire was founded by Cyrus the great in 550 B.C. and defeated by Alexander in 330 B.C.
Extending from Anatolia and Egypt across western Asia to northern India and Central Asia it is known as a vast multicultural empire, ruled by Persians.

According to UNESCO (), one of the unique characterizations of this Persian Empire is the respect they show to different culture and religion of people of their territory.

The vast Empire of Achaemenid

For example when Zoroastrian Cyrus the Great defeated Babylon, he respected the religion of the place and even tried not to harm this city of a great culture.
In later time we have even people of other religion in Persian court of King Xerxes (486-465 BC).
Achaemenid Dynasty also appreciated the art of other civilization like Mesopotamian, and mixed those arts with Persians in constructing their huge capitals.

Tomb of Cyrus the Great (559-29 B.C.)
The first capital of this vast Empire is Pasargadae. This city is also a UNESCO World Heritage because it is "the first phase of royal Achaemenid art and architecture and also exceptional testimonies of Persian civilization".

The 2500-year-old stone bas-relief of Winged Man in Pasargadae
This site offers many places to visit:
The Mausoleum of Cyrus II (Cyrus the Great):
 This place is the most famous part in Pasargadae. It was the place for Cyrus the Great's gilded sarcophagus.

Tall-e Takht, a fortified terrace:
 Walking in this fortified platform built on a hill, you can have a look over ancient city of Pasargadae.

The Residential Palace of Cyrus II:
 It was built in 535-530 BCE. The very famous bas-relief of the Winged Man is located in one of the door jambs of this place.

And many other places which once located in an ancient garden called Four Gardens. This garden is also a UNESCO World Heritage in the category of Persian Gardens. () This Garden of 6th century B.C. becomes a prototype for other Iranian and also Indian and Spanish designs.

Vessel terminating in the forepart of a lion, Achaemenid, 5th century B.C., Iran. Gold; H. 6.7 in. (17 cm)

Our Tour Operator is located in Shiraz, a city near Pasargadae. It would be our pleasure to tailor-made tours for you so you can visit this city of ancient world.

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