Do you enjoy skiing in high altitude?

Do you want to spend your time in ski resorts with fresh smell of natural snow?

Are you seeking for powdery snow with fewer competitors for the fresh snow?

Then you are very welcomed in two famous Iranian ski resorts: Dizin & Shemshak.

Maybe for many of you it seems strange. It was also strange for some tourists and ski lovers before their visit to Dizin and Shemshak. But now we have many requests for Dizin and Shemshak resorts from all over the world including European who seeks higher altitude than their ski resorts. Let's check Dizin and Shemshak resorts (we suggest you to also check Trip Advisor and You Tube):


Dizin resort is located in the North of Tehran, in slopes of Alborz Mountain Range. Because of its high altitude the ski season there lasts from late November to beginning of May.

Elevation information:  2530 m - 3506 m (Difference 976 m)

Runs/slopes: 18 km Total

Easy: 5 km (28 %)

Intermediate: 9 km (50 %)

Difficult: 4 km (22 %)

Number of ski lifts: 18

Total lift length: 13.8 km Total

Lifts and ropeways:   

  • 5 circulating ropeway/gondola lift
  • 4 Chairlift
  • 9 T-bar lift/platter/button lift

Dizin hotel is located just 20 meteres from the bottom of the slopes. Walk out of your room and start your ski. The parking area is just 50 meters away with a few shops that rent out ski equipments.

Dizin resort is more crowded in Iranian weekends (Thursdays and Fridays); a good time to visit Iranian people having fun and enjoying their time. It is also open in all the weekdays. You can also have a guide or coach there for a whole day, with reasonable price.

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Do you still search for a challenging, more expert ski resort with steeper slopes? Check Shemshak resort below:


Located in north-east of Tehran, also in Alborz Mountain Range, Shemshak is close to Damavand

Mountain (the highest mountain in Iran). Shemshak is suitable for more expert skiers with its steep

slopes and also its mogul runs.

With its facilities and lightings at night, you can spend your time skiing till midnight. The ski season in

Shemshak lasts from late November to April.  

Elevation information:  2550 m - 3050 m (Difference 500 meteres)

Ski slopes: Total: 15 km

Ski lifts: Total: 7

For your accommodation you can stay in Shemshak Hotel in this resort.


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