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ista-villageWe have all got used to our machinery lives. Perhaps it's even so hard to imagine our lives without these facilities for an hour. However, nearly all of us let nature embraces us so that we can ease our minds from life's difficulties. If you are looking for a place far away from today's machinery world, Ista Village in the north of Iran would be a nice choice for you. You can also visit Taleghan Village the people of which seem to be ceased in time.

Time travel has always been one the greatest wishes of mankind. The people of Ista Village have made this dream come true for us. In this village there is no trace of telephone, internet, light, or even a car. Their costumes are the same as their ancestors'. In order to earn living, they work on farms and ranch, but they are doing their jobs in a traditional way so that you won't even see a tractor or any electrical utensil in their carriers. Mostly they use dairy productions and grow their herbal products without any use of chemical muck.


None of these people have identification number, thus they are not counted as Iran's population. They don’t even use any governmental services. In this area nothing does belong to any body and as they believe every thing is of God's property.
You may find these people's counterpart thousands of miles away in one of the America's states called Pensylvania.  Those people are called Amish people. They are people with long beard and costumes of four hundred years ago. They are still using cart and horses and you may see no sign of technology in their world. They are peaceful and do not involve in any quarrel. Even if they are attacked, they won't defend themselves.
Disregarding any judgment whether they are living right or wrong, we must adore these people for being loyal to their believes. If you are interested in travelling in time or in a travel without experiencing stresses of today's world crowd, try to visit Ista Village in your way to the north of Iran. You will see our people living just the way our ancestors did alongside with nature and away from any technology. You may feel relaxed after you visit there.

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