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In north part of Iran in Orost village of Sari town, you will face with view which seems someone painted earth with incredible colors.
The natural site with two distinct mineral springs and  different natural characteristics that  located at 1,840 metres above sea level. Place with spring waters that are quite different in terms of color, smell ,taste ,volume of water and even different health benefits.

The first spring contains very salty water; it’s water is considered to have medicinal properties, especially as a cure for rheumatism and some types of skin diseases and  due to the high salinity and abundant minerals ,it does not freeze in winter. Finding no kind of life is another amazing feature of this spring.



The second spring has a sour taste and is predominantly orange mainly due to the large iron oxide sediments at its outlet .Springs in yellow ,red and  orange colors that seems the green trees embracing them with blue sky and white clouds have created an unparalleled picture.
This place is registered as  a second national natural monuments of Iran in 1387 and second salt water of the world after Pamukkale spring in turkey.


In 25 km northeast of Tabriz, you will encounter mountains that probably won't see anywhere. The natural site in yellow, red, orange, brown and white colors are so amazing and beautiful that perhaps not believe it at first glance. Formed from limestone, these mountains have the typical landscape of sheer rock walls and barren peaks that are deeply cut by valleys and canyons. Even the soil which  used to build rural homes around this mountains in the red color.

The combination color of these mountain will amaze you, and maybe you're thinking a different sun is shine toward this place. And undoubtedly, this place is unique and wonderful place for nature photography.

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