A 7-Day Saffron Harvest Tour in Iran

From Flower to Flavor: A Saffron Journey in Iran

Our Iranian Saffron tour offers a unique experience to explore saffron and barberry production in Southern Khorasan and Ghaenat district, which contributes 90% of Iran’s output. Over two days, learn cultivation and packaging. Ghaenat, rich in history and architecture, features hands-on activities like flower picking and traditional grinding techniques. Enjoy local music, barberry harvesting, and visit Iran’s longest Qanat chain. Includes a visit to the sacred Imam Reza Shrine.

7 Days



Day 1: Tehran

Day 1 in Tehran involves a meet and greet at Imam Khomeini International Airport, followed by an evening visit to Tehran Nature Bridge.

Day 2: Tehran

Day 2 includes a visit to the historic Golestan Palace and Tehran Bazaar, with a taste of traditional Iranian Dizi stew and a trip to the National Museum of Iran.

Day 3: Birjand

Day 3 involves flying to Birjand for a city tour, including historical sites like Shokatieh School and Birjand Castle.

Day 4: Ghaenat

Day 4 starts with a drive to Ghaenat, staying in a local guesthouse, participating in barberry picking, and exploring the city’s cultural aspects.

Day 5: Ghaenat

Day 5 is an early start for saffron picking, breakfast in the fields, visiting local homes for saffron processing, and exploring the desert landscape.

Day 7: Mashhad - Tehran

Day 7 wraps up the tour with a return to Tehran, featuring a half-day city tour of Mashhad, including the Imam Reza shrine complex and Nader Shah mausoleum, before the flight back to Tehran.

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