Uncover Desert Wonders Tour Extension in Iran

Desert Tours in Iran is one of the famous Iran Tours, which allows tourists to browse the scenery of the dunes and salt marshes of the country.

Desert Tour Extension

3 Days Package
Desert Tours in Iran offers guests the option to either opt for desert trekking or desert cycling, which mainly covers the main cultural sites of the country, including ancient archaeological sites and cities.
If one is opting for the trekking adventure across the deserts in Iran, the tour packages usually involve a short trip of 4 days.

Guests of any desert tour packages in Iran will travel to Kashan, Tehran, and the mountainous village of Abeyaneh, the central desert of Jandagh and Khour.
Apart from these cities and the rippling dunes, the other prominent natural attractions which can also be explored are:

  • Black Mountain
  • Qasr-e-Bahram Carvanseraei
  • Ein Al-Rashid
  • Sepid Ab or White Water
  • Caravanserai
  • Maranjab Carvanseraei
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