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Discovering Iran's Lut: A Journey Into the Heart of the Desert

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with our Lut Desert tour, where you’ll delve into the heart of the Lut Desert, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned as the hottest spot on the planet.

Nestled in southeast Iran, the Lut Desert, also known as Dasht-e-Lut, experiences intense wind activity from June to October, shaping its landscape through aeolian erosion. This creates breathtaking Yardang formations, expansive stony plains, and towering dunes, showcasing nature’s geological wonders.

Escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Lut Desert, spending an unforgettable night under the starlit sky. Our tour will lead you through the desert’s mesmerizing dunes, the extraordinary Kalut structures, and picturesque locations such as Shahdad, Mahan, the Yalan region, Kerman, and the captivating city of Yazd. With a skilled guide and driver by your side, your desert adventure in the Lut Desert promises to be an epic journey.

10 Days



Day 1: Tehran to Kerman by Flight

Depart Tehran for Kerman via an Iran Air flight. Overnight stay in Kerman or Mahan, where you’ll meet the Expedition Team and receive a detailed briefing about the tour.

Day 2: Kerman to Shahdad

Embark on a journey to Shahdad and Nehbandan, departing from Mahan/Kerman. Transition from main roads to a dirt track, embarking on a 10 km drive without stops. Enjoy lunch in the desert, followed by a visit to Zabane Mar Canyon, and camp overnight in a chosen spot.

Day 3: Explore the Star-Shaped Sand Dunes

Start the day with breakfast at 7:30, followed by a 2-hour hike to the star-shaped dunes. Enjoy a safari and lunch amidst the dunes, and set up camp in a chosen spot for the night.

Day 4: Sandboarding Adventure

After breakfast at 8:00, traverse the Lut Desert plain towards the Yalan dunes. Set up camp and indulge in an afternoon of hiking and sandboarding on the dunes.

Day 5: Desert Safari and Sand Skiing

Experience an exhilarating safari and sand skiing adventure, returning to base camp by evening.

Day 6: Hiking and Sandboarding Continues

Continue the adventure with hiking and sandboarding, returning to base camp in the evening.

Day 7: Discovering the "Lut's Eye"

Pack up in the morning and conclude the Lut Desert journey with a visit to the “Lut’s Eye” before driving back to Shahdad and Kerman.

Day 8: Night at Shahdad Desert Camp

Explore the Kaluts in Shahdad and camp in a serene location for the evening.

Day 9: Departure to Yazd

Enjoy some free time until noon, then head out to Yazd, Naeen, or the eco-lodges in Garmeh, with the morning dedicated to vehicle maintenance and preparation.

Day 10: Return to Tehran

We continue the tour with a transfer to the airport for your return flight to Tehran, bidding farewell to Iran on our final day.

Where is the Lut Desert Located?

The Lut Desert, also known as Dasht-e Lut, is situated in southeastern Iran and is one of the largest deserts in the country. It’s known for its unique geographical and geological features.

The Lut Desert is known for being one of the hottest places on Earth with extremely high temperatures recorded. It is also famous for its unique natural phenomena such as Yardangs, Kaluts (natural sand castles), and vast salt flats.

Yes, the Lut Desert was inscribed as a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016 due to its distinctive landscape and geological features.

The best time to visit the Lut Desert is from late autumn to early spring. During these months, the temperatures are more moderate, making it suitable for exploration and camping.

Visitors can enjoy activities such as camping under the stars, hiking and trekking around the Kaluts, photography of the unique landscapes, and desert safaris in 4WD vehicles.

Travel to the Lut Desert typically starts from nearby cities such as Kerman or Yazd. Travelers can reach these cities by flight, train, or bus, and then proceed to the desert by car or through organized tour groups.

Due to the vastness and the specific conditions of the Lut Desert, it is recommended to use a local guide or join organized tours when exploring this area. Guides can provide valuable information about the history, geography, and ecology of the region.

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