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Religious Pilgrimage:

For the Shia Muslim community in Oman, Iran holds significant religious importance, housing important Islamic sites and shrines in cities like Mashhad and Qom. These cities are key pilgrimage destinations for Shia Muslims worldwide, offering Omanis a spiritual journey and a deeper connection with their faith.

Trade and Business Opportunities:

The historical trade relations between Oman and Iran have evolved into modern economic partnerships, with many Omanis involved in business with Iran. The ease of travel between the two countries facilitates business exchanges, trade fairs, and investment opportunities. For Omanis in the business sector, trips to Iran can be a blend of exploring new markets and enjoying the country's cultural and historical offerings.

Diverse Natural Landscapes:

Iran's vast and varied landscapes, from mountains and forests to deserts and coastlines, offer a stark contrast to Oman's predominantly arid environment. This diversity allows Omanis to experience different climates and natural beauty within a single trip, including snow-capped mountains for skiing, lush green valleys for trekking, and beautiful beaches along the Caspian Sea.

Cultural and Historical Connections:

Oman and Iran share a rich history of trade and cultural exchanges, thanks to their strategic locations along ancient maritime trade routes. For Omanis, visiting Iran offers an opportunity to explore this shared history through ancient sites, museums, and architectural marvels. The Persian influence visible in various aspects of Iranian culture, from language to art, resonates with Omanis, making the travel experience both familiar and enriching.
Iran tour from Oman - Iran Tour for Omanis

What travelers from Oman like about Iran

This seven-day tour offers you the opportunity to explore the cultural and historical ties between Oman and Iran. Discover ancient sites, museums, and architectural marvels that reflect centuries of shared heritage. Experience the rich Persian influence on Iranian culture, connect spiritually at significant Islamic sites, and enjoy the stunning diversity of Iran’s natural landscapes. This journey is not just a trip but a deep dive into the intertwined histories and vibrant cultures of Oman and Iran.

7 Days



Day 1: Warm Welcome in Tehran

Arrive in Tehran, where you’ll be greeted with renowned Iranian hospitality. A guide will escort you to a comfortable hotel, setting the stage for a journey that blends the wonders of ancient Persia with modern Iranian culture.

Stay overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran's Cultural Tapestry

Begin on a journey through time at the National Museum of Iran, where artifacts narrate the rich tapestry of Persian history, resonating with Oman’s storied past. At the Iran Glassware and Ceramics Museum, admire the craftsmanship that spans millennia, reflecting a shared heritage in art and beauty.

The Golestan Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, awaits with its breathtaking architecture and gardens, reminiscent of the lush oases in Oman. The day ends with a visit to the bustling Tehran Bazaar, offering a tapestry of flavors, colors, and textures similar to Omani souqs.

Stay overnight in Tehran.

Day 3: Kashan's Architectural Marvels

Discover Kashan, known for its stunning traditional houses like the Borujerdi and Tabatabaie residences, echoing the architectural elegance found in Omani forts and palaces. The serene Fin Garden and ancient Tepe Sialk offer a peaceful retreat and a glimpse into the prehistoric era, inviting parallels with Oman’s rich archaeological sites.

Stay in a heritage hotel, experiencing a blend of traditional Persian hospitality and modern comfort, mirroring Oman’s balance of tradition and modernity.

Stay overnight in Kashan.

Day 4: Abyaneh to Isfahan - A Cultural Journey

Travel to the village of Abyaneh, where the red soil and vibrant attire of its residents paint a picture of Iran’s diverse cultural landscape, inviting comparisons with Oman’s varied regions from mountains to deserts.

Arrive in Isfahan to explore its famed bridges at sunset, a scene that evokes the romantic landscapes of Oman’s majestic wadis and seascapes.

Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 5: The Splendors of Isfahan

At the heart of Isfahan lies Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, surrounded by architectural masterpieces such as the Imam Mosque and Aliqapu Palace, offering a sense of the shared Islamic heritage with Oman. The bustling bazaar, alive with crafts and textiles, mirrors the vibrant markets of Oman.

The Chehel Sotun Garden, a celebration of Persian landscape design, and the Masjed-e Jame of Isfahan, a marvel of Islamic architecture, provide moments of reflection and admiration.

Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 6: En Route to Shiraz - Through Ancient Wonders

Journey to Shiraz, pausing at the timeless ruins of Pasargadae and Persepolis, UNESCO World Heritage sites that speak to the shared history and cultural exchanges across the region. These sites, like the storied past of Oman, reflect the grandeur of ancient civilizations.

Stay overnight in Shiraz, preparing to explore the city of poets and gardens.

Day 7: Farewell from Shiraz

In Shiraz, start your day at the Nasiralmolk Mosque and Narenjestan Garden, places of beauty that echo Oman’s love for gardens and intricate Islamic art. The historic Zand complex, including the traditional bath, mosque, and bazaar, offers a final immersion into Persian culture, akin to Oman’s rich heritage.

Conclude your journey with a departure from Shiraz International Airport, enriched by the experience of Iran’s historical depth and cultural beauty, a journey that resonates deeply with Omani travelers.

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