Central Iran Desert Tour

Central Iran Desert Adventure Itinerary

Dive into the heart of Iran’s vast deserts on a journey that blends the untouched landscapes of Iran’s central deserts with the ancient cultures that thrived amidst these harsh yet beautiful conditions. This adventure not only uncovers the enigmatic Rig-Jen and Mesr Deserts but also leads us to Yazd, a city that stands as a testament to human resilience and architectural ingenuity in the face of nature’s extremities.

8 Days



Day 1: Arrival and Exploration of Naein

Begin your adventure in the historical town of Naein, famous for its intricate textiles and ancient mosque. After exploring the town’s rich cultural heritage, we set out towards the desert, preparing for the journey ahead.

Overnight: Desert Camp near the outskirts of Rig-e Jen

Day 2 & 3: Mysteries of Rig-e Jen

Venture into the Rig-e Jen Desert, a region once believed to be impenetrable and roamed by spirits. Over two days, explore its diverse microclimates and stunning landscapes, learning about the desert’s ecological and mythical significance.

Overnight: Desert Camp within Rig-e Jen

Day 4: Journey to Mesr

Travel to the Mesr Desert, an oasis named for its creator’s ambition to establish his own “Egypt” in the heart of Iran’s deserts. Discover the story of survival and ingenuity that brought water to this remote location, giving rise to a flourishing village.

Overnight: Local Guesthouse in Mesr

Day 5: Mesr Desert Wonders

Spend a day in the mesmerizing landscapes of Mesr, exploring its dunes, oases, and remnants of ancient architecture. Witness the desert’s natural beauty and the resilience of life in arid conditions.

Overnight: Camping in Mesr Desert

Day 6: Garmeh's Oasis and Palm Gardens

Continue to Garmeh, a lush oasis amidst the desert’s dry expanse. Explore its renowned palm gardens and the Ateshooni House, a pioneer in traditional Iranian accommodation.

Overnight: Ateshooni Guesthouse, Garmeh

Day 7: The Enigmatic Village of Kharanagh

On the way to Yazd, visit Kharanagh, a village with a history spanning over 3000 years. Marvel at its ancient, fortress-like architecture and learn about the lifestyle of its inhabitants throughout the ages.

Day 8: Arrival in Yazd

Conclude your desert odyssey in Yazd, a city that epitomizes adaptation and architectural genius in desert living. Optionally, visit the Zoroastrian temple of Chak-Chak before settling into your accommodation, reflecting on the journey through Iran’s heartland.

Overnight: Hotel in Yazd

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