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Journey through Iran's Enchanting Villages

These villages have such a beautiful diversity that will make your trip to Iran memorable. Most of these villages are registered by UNESCO and other UN organizations. The picturesque Abyaneh village has a new experience to offer its visitors. During this tour, you will also visit Bavanat, which has become an unofficial center of Iran’s eco-tourism.
The diversity of the natural environment and the ethnic composition of Iran have created diverse forms of rural settlements with varying aspects. Among rural settlements in Iran, unique types exist, causing wonder in every viewer; villages portray an exciting and wonderful visage of ancient Iranian civilization.

14 Days



Day 1: Tehran

Arrival in Tehran and transfer to hotel; overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran - Kerman

A full-day tour of the capital, Tehran. Starting with a walking tour through old Tehran and visiting the old Gate of Tehran and Golestan Palaces, we will spend time at the magnificent National Museum of Iran in the afternoon before transferring to the domestic airport. Fly to Kerman in the evening and transfer to a hotel. Overnight Kerman.

Day 3: Kerman

A full-day excursion to Rayen to visit the Arg-e-Rayen; en route, visit the Shah Nematolah-e Vali Shrine and the Prince Gardens at Mahan; overnight Kerman.

Day 4: Meymand

A half-day visit to Kerman to see the Ganj-Ali Khan Complex (bath, caravanserai, and bazaar) and the Grand Mosque. Then, drive to Meymand Village. Stay overnight in a beautiful hotel in a rocky village.

Day 5: Meymand

They are spending another wonderful day in the Village of Meymand, an impressive, ancient town near Shahr-e-Babak with artificial and natural caves still used as houses. Unlike other old villages, Meymand has retained its culture. Living conditions in Meymand are harsh due to the aridity of the land and high temperatures in summers and frigid winters. The Village consists of several unique natural and artificial caves still used today for housing and shelter. Currently, a scarce population of 150 people continues to live there. The origins of Meymand date back to the time when the inhabitants of the Persian plateau had not yet started to bury their dead in traditional graves but placed them inside crypts carved in the mountain. This belief has been attributed to followers of the goddess Mithra. Overnight Meymand.

Day 6: Bavanat

Drive to the beautiful Village of Bavanat, the hub of Iran’s eco-tourism, where you can stroll in the beautiful nature of the Zagros mountain range. Overnight in Bavanat to visit the nomads and spend some time in nature; overnight Bavanat.

Day 7: Bazm Village

After home-made breakfast at a local house, leave for the surrounding springs, enjoy a light walk through the mountains, and move towards the walnut forest: A 20 km long forest amid a green valley. (Visiting the nomads is only possible from April until September). Overnight stay in a traditional house in Bazm Village.

Day 8: Shiraz

Drive to Shiraz; en -route, visit Persepolis, the most magnificent city of the ancient world, Naghsh-E-Rostam, Naghshe Rajab, and Passargade (the resting place of Cyrus the Great), overnight in Shiraz.

Day 9: Shiraz

City tour of Shiraz to visit The Eram Garden, the Nasir Ol Molk Mosque, the Narenjestan Palace, the tombs of poets Hafez and Saadi, and the Ali ebn-e-Hamza Shrine overnight Shiraz.

Day 10: Sepidan

Drive to Sepidan, located in the heart of Zagros Mountain, and spend time with the local people, seeing their daily lives and traditions. Have a delicious outside dinner prepared by a local cook. Sleep overnight in this beautiful Village.

Day 11: Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan. Upon arrival, We will head to the banks of the Zayanderud River, the city’s soul. Several historical bridges over this river were erected during the Safavid era (17th Century). Siosepol (33-arch) and Khaju bridges are the most famous ones. We enjoy visiting these two interesting bridges, drinking tea at the tea house below the bridge, walking along the river bank or paddling on a boat from one to the other. Overnight Isfahan.overnight Isfahan.

Day 12: Isfahan

In the morning, we start our full-day tour of Isfahan at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq. Once a royal polo court, this site was the official center of the city when it was the Safavid Capital (17th Century). We will visit the famous Imam Mosque (Royal Mosque) on the square’s southern side, which has incredible architecture and tile work. Overnight, Isfahan.

Day 13: Abyaneh

Drive to Abyaneh, a fascinating village with ochre-colored houses, lattice windows, fragile wooden balconies and many splendid views. Abyaneh village is one of Iran’s most stunning and exciting tourist attractions from various viewpoints. During your Iran visit, visiting this Village will be an unforgettable experience. Overnight Abyaneh.

Day 14: Qom – Departure

Drive to Imam Intl. Airport. En route, we will visit the city of Kashan and its beautiful gardens. Depending on your departure flight, we may be able to see the holy city of Qom and visit its famous shrine on our way to the airport.

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