Find the finest cafes and restaurants in Iran

Discover the rich cafe and restaurant culture across Iran with our comprehensive guide. Explore a diverse array of venues, from traditional Persian eateries to modern cafes, each offering unique flavors and atmospheres. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or a foodie, this page is your essential resource for experiencing the culinary diversity of Iran.

Namakdan Mansion - Isfahan

Namakdan Mansion – Isfahan

Set in a beautifully restored Qajar-era mansion, Namakdan Mansion offers visitors a unique café experience amidst traditional Persian architecture and décor. The interior is adorned with authentic Persian carpets and…

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Karako Cafe - Isfahan

Karako Cafe – Isfahan

Karako Cafe is ideally located near Siosepol in Isfahan, offering a vibrant urban-style environment that’s perfect for casual gatherings. The café provides a wide selection of beverages and snacks, making…

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