American Discovery in the Heart of Iran

Cultural and Culinary Exploration:

American visitors enjoy traditional Iranian music and cooking workshops. Learn to prepare authentic dishes, exploring Iran's rich cultural and culinary heritage.

Rural Historical Journey:

Visit ancient Iranian sites and historical mosques in rural settings. Experience the tranquility and historical depth of Iran's countryside.

Traditional Markets and Handicrafts:

Explore historic markets and participate in handicraft workshops like carpet weaving and marquetry, offering a taste of Iran's traditional crafts and local life.

Your Persian Gateway Awaits

Iran Tours for US Citizens

Exclusive Itinerary for Americans: 10 Days Package

Explore Iran’s treasures in a 10-day journey designed exclusively for American travelers. From historic Shiraz to enchanting Isfahan and beyond, immerse yourself in Iran’s rich heritage. Uncover ancient sites, vibrant bazaars, and warm hospitality make this adventure a unique window into Persia’s heart.

10 Days



Day 1: Shiraz

Arrival, meet and greet at the airport, transfer to hotel.

Day 2: Shiraz

We will start our Shiraz tour by the Karmikhani complex, the residential palace of the Zand dynasty. Karim Khan Zand, the founder of the Zand dynasty, chose Shiraz as his capital and declared himself as “Vakil,” the lawyer of the nation, rather than a king. We continue to Vakil complex, Vakil Mosque, Bazar and public bath remaining from his reign. We also visit the colorful Nasirolmolk mosque. We will see Koran Gate, Khajoo tomb, and Shah e Cheragh Shrine in the afternoon. Overnight Shiraz.

Day 3: Shiraz – Ghalat

In the morning, we will see the gardens and poets of Shiraz; we will visit Eram Garden, Naranjestan Palace and the tombs of world-famous poets Hafez and Saadi. We will head to Ghalat, a beautiful sleepy village outside Shiraz, with lots of greenery and natural waterfalls for lunch. Ghalat is very popular with the locals and is an excellent place to hang out with the people of Shiraz and enjoy delicious local cuisine. After lunch, we will head to the waterfalls and have a coffee before returning to Shiraz. Overnight Shiraz.

Day 4: Persepolis – Bavanat

On an excursion day, you will visit the most magnificent city of the ancient world, Persepolis, which is now registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during the Achemaenian era. The site, 125,000 sq.m. in area, comprises various reception halls and palaces, private palaces, royal treasury and fortifications, where we find the tomb of Cyrus the Great and remains of Achaemenian palaces and edifices. We will continue our excursion by visiting Naghsh-e-RostamLater today; we will drive to the village of Bavanat, the hub of Iran’s eco-tourism, where you can take a stroll in the beautiful nature of the Zagros mountain range. Overnight Bavanat.

Day 5: Bavanat

Sightseeing in Bavanat village for visiting its beautiful walnut forests, Imamzadeh and Qanats that are the traditional system of Iranians for distributing water. (Visiting nomads depends on your travel date, i.e., you can have a memorable experience of nomads living in April and September). Overnight Bavanat.

Day 6: Yazd

Drive to Yazd in the morning; en route, you will visit ancient refrigerators and Abar- Kuh Cypress, the second oldest tree in the world; it is 4000 years old. Upon arrival: half-day city tour of Yazd to visit Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, and the Fire Temple, Zoorkhaneh (Powerhouse) Amir-Chakhmaq square, overnight Yazd.

Day 7: Isfahan

Half-day city tour of Yazd, visiting Dowlat-Abad Gardens and bazaar. Overland trip to the magnificent city of Isfahan in the afternoon. Upon arrival, We will head to the banks of the Zayanderud River, the city’s soul. Several historical bridges over this river were erected during the Safavid era (17th Century). Siosepol (33-arch) and Khaju bridges are the most famous ones. We enjoy visiting these two interesting bridges, drinking tea at the tea house below the bridge, walking along the river bank or paddling on a boat from one to the other. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 8: Isfahan

In the morning, we start our full-day tour of Isfahan at the UNESCO world heritage site of Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq. Once a royal polo court, this site was the official center of the city when the city was the Safavid Capital (17th Century). We will visit the famous Imam Mosque (Royal Mosque) on the square’s southern side, with incredible architecture and tile-work.

Day 9: Isfahan – Tehran

Morning tour of Isfahan to visit the city’s Armenian quarter and the magnificent Vank Cathedral. We will continue to another famous monument in Isfahan, Chehel Setoon will take your breath away before we return to the hotel for rest and lunch. Afternoon at your leisure before your evening flight to Tehran. Overnight Tehran.

Day 10: Tehran – Departure.

The following morning we will begin a full-day tour of Tehran’s capital. We are starting with a walking tour through old Tehran and visiting the old Gate of Tehran, Golestan Palaces, Imam (former Royal) Mosque and the Grand Bazaar, a large roofed old shopping complex. We will then get more familiar with Persian Carpets at the Carpet Museum. In the evening, transfer to Tehran International Airport for your departure home.

Probably no country in the world is more mischaracterized in Western eyes than Iran; it’s easy to forget that behind all of the politics, ordinary folks are living their everyday lives not all that different from anywhere else.


We process dozens of visas for our American guests every month and have made everything easy; all we need from you is the information, and we’ll take care of the rest, such as your detailed itinerary and authorization number. For more information, please visit our specific for our American visitors.


Travel to Iran is as straightforward today as Americans traveling to the USSR was back in the Cold War Days 🙂 You must get a visa granted only if you take a tour package.

Probably no country in the world is more mischaracterized in Western eyes than Iran; it’s easy to forget that behind all of the politics, ordinary folks are living their everyday lives not all that different from any small town in the US of A.

People around the world have more in common than one can imagine. Traveling allows us to see this for ourselves. This is why so many Americans travel to Iran to see this for themselves, and they’re amazed at how similar we are to each other.

As mentioned above, many guests come from the US every month. We are somewhat familiar with suitable tours for our US clients.

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