Brazilian Flavors Meet Persian Traditions:

Join our workshops to learn Iranian cooking and enjoy traditional Iranian music, offering a direct path into Iran's rich cultural heritage.

Adventures in the Iranian Deserts:

Embark on a journey to the heart of the Matinabad Desert and the historic Zein-o-din Caravanserai. Revel in the tranquil beauty and historical richness of these areas, offering a window into the ancient trade routes and the traditional resting spots of travelers past.

Exploring Markets and Mastering Handicrafts:

Venture into Iran's lively markets and engage in workshops dedicated to traditional handicrafts. Master the arts of carpet weaving and wood inlay, gaining insight into the intricate and celebrated craft traditions of Iran.

Brazil to Iran: A Cultural Expedition in 10 Days

10-Day Tour of Iran for Brazilians

Iran Tour Packages for Brazilians: What to Know

With visa-free access since 2023, Brazil’s citizens can now easily explore Iran’s rich heritage through our 10-Day Tour. This journey showcases Iran’s historical marvels, from the bustling streets of Tehran to the timeless ruins of Persepolis. Experience the serene nights under the desert stars in the Matinabad Eco-Camp and navigate through Iran’s captivating sights, including Isfahan’s architectural wonders and the poetic ambiance of Shiraz, with a Portuguese-speaking guide. Seize this unique opportunity for an enriching exploration of Iran’s culture, history, and warm hospitality, all without the need for a visa.

10 Days



Day 1: Tehran

Arrive in Tehran, where you’ll be warmly welcomed and transferred to your hotel.

Embark on a day-long exploration of Tehran, starting with a fascinating walking tour through the city’s historical core. Visit landmarks such as the Old Gate of Tehran, the opulent Golestan Palace, and the bustling Grand Bazaar. Delve into Iran’s rich heritage at the Iran National Museum, marvel at the dazzling collection at the National Jewelry Museum and discover the intricate designs at the Carpet Museum of Iran. Your night will be spent in Tehran, offering a comfortable start to your adventure.

Day 2: Tehran - Kashan

Travel to the picturesque village of Abyaneh, notable for its red mud-brick houses and enduring cultural heritage. Continue to Isfahan and, after checking into your hotel, explore the city’s historic bridges, such as the Si-o-se-pol and Khaju bridges. These are not only crucial for transportation but also serve as lively social gathering spots. Overnight in Isfahan, immersed in its historical aura.

Day 3: Abyaneh - Isfahan

On the third day, the itinerary leads to a drive towards the picturesque village of Abyaneh, known for its distinctive red mud-brick houses and ancient cultural heritage. After exploring Abyaneh, the journey proceeds to Isfahan. Upon arrival and hotel check-in, the evening is dedicated to visiting Isfahan’s old bridges, including the Si-o-se-pol (33-arch) and Khaju bridges. These architectural marvels over the Zayanderud River are not just vital transportation links but also serve as social gathering spots. The night is spent in Isfahan, soaking in the city’s rich historical ambiance.

Day 4: Isfahan

Spend a day in the heart of Isfahan, exploring the Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a UNESCO World Heritage site that showcases the grandeur of Safavid architecture. Surrounding the square are significant structures such as the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Ali Qapu Palace. The day also includes a visit to the Vank Cathedral in the Armenian Quarter and the Chehel Sotoun Palace. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 5: Isfahan - Matin Abad Eco-Camp

Leave Isfahan for the tranquility of the Matin Abad Eco-Camp, located in Iran’s central desert. This unique setting offers a chance to experience the desert’s beauty and serenity firsthand. Enjoy eco-friendly activities such as desert trekking, offering a peaceful retreat under the stars. Overnight at the camp.

Day 6: Matin Abad – Yazd

Depart Matin Abad for Yazd, stopping first in Naeen to explore its grand mosque and a traditional weaving workshop, reflecting the area’s rich cultural tapestry. Continue to Yazd, a city famed for its unique desert architecture and ancient ambiance. Overnight in Yazd.

Day 7: Yazd - Zain O din Caravanserai

After exploring Yazd’s highlights, including the Dowlat-Abad Gardens and Amir Chakhmaq Square, head into the desert to experience the Zein o Din caravanserai. This ancient inn offers a glimpse into the lives of those who traveled across the desert centuries ago.

Day 8: Shiraz

Travel to Shiraz, visiting the fig gardens of Estahban and the Sarvestan palace en route. Enjoy a light evening tour of Shiraz, visiting its revered shrines and the Quran gate. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 9: Shiraz

Discover the architectural marvels of Shiraz, from the Karmikhani complex to the Vakil complex. Visit the colorful Nasirolmolk mosque, the Eram Garden, and the Naranjestan Palace, ending the day at the tombs of the poets Hafez and Saadi. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 10: Shiraz - Persepolis - Departure

Conclude your tour with a visit to Persepolis, the ancient Achaemenid capital, followed by Naghsh-e-Rostam, the Achaemenian necropolis. Return to Shiraz for your final evening before departure.

Unique Advantages of Exploring Iran for Brazilians:

Visa-Free Access:

A standout benefit for Brazilian travelers is the hassle-free entry to Iran, eliminating the need for a visa. This makes spontaneous travel plans more feasible and simplifies the overall journey.

Affordable Cultural Richness:

Iran’s cost-effective travel options present an attractive proposition for Brazilians looking for a rich cultural experience without the hefty price tag. From the awe-inspiring deserts to the bustling bazaars and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Iran offers an array of affordable travel experiences that delve deep into the heart of Persian history and culture.

Desert Adventures:

The mystique of Iran’s deserts offers a unique allure for Brazilians, with opportunities for unforgettable desert tours, including camel trekking, star-gazing in the clear night skies, and experiencing traditional desert eco-camps.

Literary and Cultural Connections:

Brazilians will find fascinating parallels in the rich tapestry of Iranian literature and the warmth of its people. The poetic heritage, reminiscent of Brazil’s own literary traditions, fosters a deep cultural connection and enriches the travel experience.

Warm Hospitality:

Iran is renowned for its warm and welcoming locals, resonating with the Brazilian spirit of hospitality. This shared value enhances the travel experience, making Brazilians feel at home in the heart of Persia.

Culinary Exploration:

While distinct, both Brazilian and Iranian cuisines offer a rich palette of flavors and spices. Brazilians can explore Iran’s culinary delights, discovering unique dishes and perhaps finding surprising similarities to their own flavorful cuisine.

Tailored Tour Experiences:

With the growing interest from Brazilian tourists, travel agencies in Iran are increasingly offering packages designed to cater to Brazilian preferences, including Portuguese-speaking guides, tailored itineraries focusing on Iran’s most captivating sights, and accommodations that reflect the authentic Persian lifestyle.

This personalized approach ensures that Brazilians not only visit Iran but truly experience its essence, making for an unforgettable journey into the heart of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations.

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