From Alborz to Turkmen Steppe

4-Day East Alborz Mountain Range Expedition: Unveiling Iran's Natural and Cultural Treasures

Embark on a remarkable 4-day journey across the diverse landscapes of Iran’s East Alborz Mountain Range. This expedition is designed to showcase the striking contrast between the arid desert in the south and the ancient Hyrcanian jungles in the north. We’ll traverse off-the-beaten-path routes, including abandoned dirt roads and dry riverbeds, steering clear of touristy areas to reveal the true essence of Iran’s natural beauty.

4 Days



Day 1: Iron & Salt

Depart from Tehran, taking the historical Firuz Kuh road.
Visit the WWII-era Veresk bridge, a marvel of engineering.
Journey across rugged terrain to a 3000-meter-high ridge, offering panoramic views of the Alborz divide.
Explore the Badab-e Surt springs, renowned for their terraced pools and vibrant colors.
Overnight camping near the forest, with local house accommodation available upon request.

Day 2: Hyrcanian Forests

Depart from Badab-e Surt, venturing through arid landscapes and transitioning into the lush Hyrcanian forests.
Explore Golestan province, rich in biodiversity and home to numerous protected areas and wildlife reserves.
Enjoy wildlife spotting and nature walks.
Camp at a scenic viewpoint, with local house accommodation as an alternative.

Day 3: Khaled Nabi and Turkmen Land

Traverse the mountains to the northern side, entering the land of the Turkmen people.
Visit the shrine of Khaled Nabi, offering expansive views of the region.
Explore the adjacent ancient cemetery with its unique gravestones.
Experience Turkmen hospitality with an overnight stay in a local house.

Day 4: The Old Silk Road

Depart from the Turkmen region, journeying south through diverse ecosystems.
Visit the shrine of Bayazid Bastami, reflecting on the spiritual heritage of Persian Sufism.
Travel to Damghan, stopping at a historic caravanserai on the ancient Silk Road.
Conclude the expedition with a return to Tehran.

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