Explore Iran: Golestan Forest Highlights

The 6-day Golestan National Park tour offers an exquisite blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty, seamlessly integrating the exploration of northern Iran’s lush landscapes and historic sites. From the bustling bazaars of Gorgan to the serene eco-lodges nestled in picturesque villages, each day unfolds a new adventure. The meticulously planned itinerary brings travelers up close with Iran’s stunning waterfalls, verdant forests, and the tranquil Miankaleh Wetland, while also ensuring a taste of local Turkmen and rural cuisine. Ending with a day in Tehran’s rich historical and cultural tapestry, this tour promises an unforgettable journey through Iran’s natural wonders and architectural marvels.

6 Days



Day 1: Tehran - Gorgan

Departing from Tehran without delay, we head directly to the airport for our flight to Gorgan, located in the country’s north, on the fringe of Golestan Forest. Our journey begins in Gorgan with a visit to the bustling Na’lbandan Bazaar at the city center, followed by a scenic drive through lush landscapes towards Gonbad-e Kavus. Here, we explore the iconic Gonbad-e Kavus Tower and spend our night at the Oguzkhan eco-lodge, indulging in Turkmen cuisine and the local ambiance.

Day 2: Minudasht

After breakfast, we set off towards Minudasht, venturing to the easternmost part of Golestan Forest. Our path leads us to Aq Su waterfall – after reveling in its rugged beauty and capturing moments, we enjoy lunch surrounded by nature. Next, we visit Lowe waterfall, and following our exploration, we proceed to the picturesque village of Qusha Cheshme for an overnight stay and dinner at a local eco-lodge.

Day 3: Aliabad

After breakfast, we embarked on a forest trail, approaching “Khan Bebin”. Our adventure continues to the emerald springs of Ramian, nestled in the heart of the forest. Later, we reached Shirabad Waterfall, where resisting the urge for some water fun might be hard! Lunch will be served afterward. Our journey then takes us to Aliabad-e Katul, where we visit the mossy Kaboudwal Waterfall, capturing its beauty before returning to Aliabad. After a fulfilling day, we rested at Kaniyar Hotel in Aliabad.

Day 4: Naharkhoran Forest

Breakfast is followed by a return trip to Gorgan, passing through Naharkhoran Forest and Alangdareh Forest to reach Ziarat Village. We explore Ziarat Village and its namesake waterfall, concluding our day with dinner and staying at the “Friend’s Home” eco-lodge, gearing up for an early departure to the Caspian Sea and Miankaleh Wetland.

Day 5: Miankaleh Wetland

The journey from Gorgan to Miankaleh covers 151 kilometers through village homes and forest vistas, arriving at the protected Miankaleh Wetland. We enjoyed a boat ride, birdwatching, and lunch at a local seafood restaurant. As the afternoon wanes, we near the end of our trip, heading to Behshahr near Miankaleh for our flight back to Tehran, carrying with us memories of countless waterfalls and the vast Golestan Forest.

Day 6: Tehran

A visit to Iran is incomplete without exploring its capital, Tehran. Our final day is dedicated to touring Tehran, visiting the Golestan Palace, the National Museum of Iran, and the Carpet Museum. After a short rest at the hotel, we enjoy an evening walk to the Nature Bridge, then head to the airport for our journey home.

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