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Pilgrim Paths: Saudis in Iran

Religious Pilgrimages: Iran hosts important Islamic sites, notably in the cities of Mashhad, home to the shrine of Imam Reza, and Qom, one of the holiest cities in Shia Islam. For Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia, these sites offer significant spiritual journeys. Despite the sectarian and political differences between the two countries, religious pilgrimages remain a potent reason for travel, offering profound personal and spiritual experiences.

Exploring Heritage: Iran Through Saudi Eyes

Cultural and Historical Exploration: Iran's rich tapestry of history and culture, with its Persian legacy, offers a unique experience distinct from the Arab culture of Saudi Arabia. The ancient ruins of Persepolis, the magnificent Islamic architecture in Isfahan, and the bustling markets of Tehran present opportunities for Saudis interested in exploring their region's diverse history and cultural expressions.

Medical & Academic Visits: Iran's Offer to Saudis

Medical Tourism and Education: Iran has developed a reputation for providing quality medical services and educational opportunities at competitive prices. For Saudis seeking specialized medical treatments not available or more expensive in their own country, or those looking for higher education opportunities in specific fields, Iran could be a destination.

Dialogue and Discovery: Saudi-Iranian Encounters

Shared Regional Interests and Experiences: Despite the political tensions, there are shared interests and concerns across the region, from environmental challenges to economic opportunities. Conferences, forums, and events focusing on these shared issues might attract Saudis to Iran, fostering dialogue and exchange on matters of mutual concern.
Iran tour from Saudi Arabia - Iran Tour for Saudis

What travelers from Saudi Arabia like about Iran

This tailored itinerary for Saudi Arabian travelers emphasizes Iran’s shared Islamic heritage, architectural grandeur, and cultural richness, aiming to offer an experience that resonates with the values, history, and luxurious tastes of Saudi visitors.

7 Days



Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

Upon landing in Tehran, receive a warm welcome that mirrors the deep-rooted hospitality shared by both Saudi and Iranian cultures. You will then be escorted to a premium hotel, providing you with a first glimpse of Iran’s unique combination of luxury and tradition.

Stay overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Tehran’s Islamic Heritage and Modernity

Begin your exploration at the National Museum of Iran, where Islamic and pre-Islamic histories intertwine, offering insights into our shared past. Visit the Iran Glassware and Ceramics Museum to witness centuries of artistic excellence, echoing Saudi Arabia’s appreciation for fine arts within the Islamic tradition.

Golestan Palace showcases the architectural splendor and intricate designs that speak to the grandeur familiar to Saudi visitors. End the day at Tehran’s bustling bazaar, a vibrant marketplace that mirrors the lively souqs back home.

Stay overnight in Tehran.

Day 3: Kashan's Architectural Wonders

Journey to Kashan, known for its stately homes like the Borujerdi and Tabatabaie residences, which reflect the splendor of Islamic architecture and interior design, akin to Saudi Arabia’s rich architectural heritage. The serene Fin Garden offers a moment of tranquility and beauty, showcasing Persian garden design that has influenced Islamic garden culture across the region.

Stay in a luxury heritage hotel, blending traditional Persian hospitality with the comforts Saudi travelers esteem.

Stay overnight in Kashan.

Day 4: Cultural Journey from Abyaneh to Isfahan

Visit Abyaneh, a village preserving ancient Iranian culture through its unique architecture and traditional attire, reflecting the deep cultural roots valued by Saudis.

Arrive in Isfahan to behold its famous bridges at sunset, and architectural feats that embody the Islamic golden age, resonating with the historical and cultural pride of Saudi Arabia.

Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 5: Isfahan’s Islamic Architectural Masterpieces

At Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, immerse yourself in an area surrounded by Islamic architectural gems such as the Imam Mosque, Aliqapu Palace, and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, sites that reflect the glory of Islamic civilization, much like the revered landmarks in Saudi Arabia. The bustling bazaar offers a rich tapestry of crafts, reminiscent of the vibrant markets in Saudi cities.

The Chehel Sotun Garden and the Masjed-e Jame of Isfahan offer tranquil spaces for contemplation, celebrating the Islamic tradition of creating serene environments for community and spirituality.

Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 6: Shiraz - A Tapestry of Persian Culture and History

En route to Shiraz, visit the storied ruins of Pasargadae and Persepolis, UNESCO World Heritage sites that offer a window into the ancient world, much like the historical sites cherished in Saudi Arabia.

Stay overnight in Shiraz, ready to explore the city known for its poetic legacy and lush gardens.

Day 7: Farewell from Shiraz

Discover the Nasiralmolk Mosque and Narenjestan Garden, celebrating the beauty of Persian Islamic art and architecture, reflecting values deeply appreciated in Saudi culture. The Zand complex, including the Vakil Bath, Mosque, and Bazaar, provides a final immersion into Iran’s rich cultural and historical heritage, mirroring the depth of Saudi Arabia’s history.

Depart from Shiraz International Airport, carrying memories of a journey through the landscapes, history, and shared Islamic heritage of Iran, a narrative that parallels the rich cultural and historical fabric of Saudi Arabia.

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