Extending Your Visit to Iran's Holiest Places

Iran’s religious sites don’t just appeal to the followers of Shiite Islam; the mixture of art, architecture and culture attracts visitors from all walks of life. Adding a visit to these holy shrines to your current itinerary familiarizes you with a more traditional and religious way of Iranian life, and the post-Islamic architecture will take your breath away. These tours can be arranged for the following cities.


Imam Reza Holy Shrine, Mashad- After the death of Imam Reza, Ma’mum buried him in a Sanabad tower next to his father’s tomb, the famous Harun or Rashid. Ever since his burial place began to attract Shiite pilgrims in large numbers. The patronage and wealth of kings and princes have lavished Imam Reza’s tomb for ages.

Gowharshad Mosque, Mashad- This is a famous Mosque in Mashad. The 50-meter-high faience dome and cavernous golden portal are located to the south of the holy shrine of Imam Reza Square. Architecturally, the Mosque is even more critical than the mausoleum. The Mosque covers an area of 9419 square meters and has two beautiful minarets, each 40 meters high.


Situated 140km south of Tehran on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir salt desert, Qom is the site of Iran’s most significant theological college. For this reason, Ayatollah Khomeini chose the city as the location from which he would direct the country’s affairs from his return from exile in 1979 until his death ten years later.

Left in ruins by the Mongol invasions of the 13th century, Qom had regained its former glory by the 16th century and flourished under the Safavid Kings, who rebuilt the Hazrat-e Masumeh shrine complex on a grand scale. The shrine is second in importance only to the shrine dedicated to Imam Reza in Mashhad. Other attractions include the Feyzieh Seminary, the Azam Mosque, the Museum, and the Islamic Studies Library.


Shahe Cheragh Shrine: Shah-e Cheragh Shrine, Shiraz, is a famous tourist destination in Shiraz. It is the tomb of Brothers Amir Ahmad and Mir Muhammad. They were brothers of Imam Reza, who took refuge in Shiraz, Iran, during the mass execution of Shia Muslims. Tourists who visit Shiraz unfailingly visit Shah-e Cheragh Shrine, Shiraz, in Iran. What makes it very attractive is the decorative work in a mosaic of mirror glass, the inscriptions in stucco, the doors covered with panels of silver, the ornamentation, the entrance, and the expansive courtyard.

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