Iran Rail Tour

Scenic Railways of Iran: A 3-Day Expedition

Embark on our 3-day Iran Rail Tour for an unforgettable journey through Iran’s stunning landscapes and historical sites. Starting in the vibrant capital, Tehran, travel by rail through picturesque scenery and past significant landmarks, including the historic railway stations established in 1938. Discover the engineering marvels along the Dez River valley and experience the natural beauty of Lorestan. The tour offers a perfect mix of Iran’s rich history and breathtaking natural wonders, ending with a visit to the majestic Zagros Mountains and the enchanting Bisheh Waterfall. This journey provides a unique opportunity to explore the essence of Iran’s cultural and natural heritage.

3 Days



Day 1: Tehran to Dorud via Rail and Road

Welcome to Tehran! Our journey begins with a delightful road trip from Tehran, including a breakfast stop near Qom. As we head toward Arak, passing through Shazand and Noorabad, look forward to charming railroad crossings that hint at the upcoming rail adventure. We’ll explore the history of Iran’s railways, visit the second-highest station, established in 1938, and enjoy the scenic views along the Dez River, running parallel to the railway.

Our journey takes us through historical landscapes, including old stations and the stunning passage between Darband and Roodak. Our day ends at Dorud station, a key World War II site for transferring materials to the Soviet Union. Here, we’ll rest and prepare for the next day’s rail journey.

Day 2: Exploring Dez River Valley by Rail

Today’s adventure starts at Dorud Station, taking us by rail car through the breathtaking Dez River valley. Dive into Lorestan’s natural beauty, witnessing the engineering marvels of bridges, tunnels, and stations that tell the early chapters of Iran’s rail history.

As we head south, the Sezar River, joining the Bakhtiyari River, follows us. The railway’s path alongside the river offers stunning views, especially as we pass through Lashkar Station and explore the region’s significance during the Iran/Iraq war. Upon reaching Tang Haft Station, the southernmost point of our trip, we’ll take a lunch break before retracing our route, offering a new perspective on the morning’s sights.

Our journey ends at Bisheh Station, near the enchanting Bisheh Waterfall by the Sezar River. Here, we’ll enjoy the majestic landscapes of the Zagros before boarding our sleeper train back to Tehran.

Day 3: Return to Tehran

As dawn breaks, we arrive at the Tehran train station. This marks the end of our 3-day excursion through Lorestan and the Central Zagros, where the blend of nature and railway history has created an unforgettable experience.

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