Although Scandinavian people are far from us, it is interesting that Iran has always been mentioned in their favorite destinations list. The main reason for that would be the differences between the two cultures, nature, lifestyle, etc.

Iran has always been a different destination for tourists. They always imagine Iran just like what they watch and hear on Medias. If I ask a European tourist about Iran, I will listen to what others hear on TV and the news, but if I ask the same question from another tourist who has been to Iran before, the reply would be completely different. This is the influence of media on people’s minds. We believe in the proverb, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.”

Nowadays, tourism is getting very close to citizenship. Tourists would like to get involved with other people’s real life and culture, experience their lifestyles, and be treated like a citizen. Iran, rich in culture, history, and world heritage, can be an excellent destination.

Although Scandinavian people are far from us, it is interesting that Iran has always been mentioned in their favorite destinations list. The main reason for that would be the differences between the two cultures, nature, lifestyle, etc.

As you might have heard, Iran is a four-season country that is almost unbelievable until you experience it.

Feel the warmth of sunshine going through your skin and its smooth slow crawl into your body in the desert of Iran. Just let yourself experience another world at the center of Iran, the hottest place in the world.

Your feet go into the warm and soft sand of the beaches, and just then, you figure out how delightful it is to touch the softness of the sand, tickling your soles and making you feel you are not on earth anymore. Just try the islands of Iran.

Powdery snow hitting your face reminds you of your country and its chilling Scandinavian sense. Visiting Shemshak and Alborz resorts allows you to experience snow of another kind.

Surprise yourself once instead others. Pass the gate of history and visit Iranian ancients through the Persepolis, Necropolis, and Pasargadae historical sites. Watch people carrying gifts for Dariush the Great and feel proud of being in such a place.
All I have mentioned here is just a tiny part of Iran; let us make your trip to Iran.


Iranian visa for Scandinavian citizens:

The visa process for Scandinavian countries is relatively easy and doable. As a citizen of these countries ( Denmark – Sweden – Norway – Finland – Iceland ), you need to send some documents to us and leave the rest to us.

Here are the documents we need to apply for your visas:

1: a copy of the first page of your passport

2: a picture of you in size of 4cm In 6 cm

3: visa application form; you need to fill in the form and submit it on the process of our website:
Fortunately, the visa process for you does not take longer than two weeks, although we sometimes have the visa code in less than a week.
We are applying for your visas and will send them to you when the visa code arrives. You must wait almost three days to ensure the embassy receives the visa code. Then you refer to the embassy with your passport, visa code, and some money to pay for the visa stamp fee. The fee differs from one embassy to another embassy. They will check your ticket and will stamp the visa code on it. That is all. It does not take more than some minutes; easy and quick.

Flight to Iran from your country:
There is no direct flight from your country to Iran, so it will stop in another country, depending on the airline. The good news is that there are many airlines like:
SAS Iran Air, Austrian, Turkish, KLM, Air Baltic, Lufthansa, British Airways, Pegasus, Finn Air, etc.

Best time to travel to Iran:
As you might have heard, Iran is a four-season country. The North of Iran is green and full of jungles and mountains. East is dry and full of deserts. The West is rainy and humid, and the South has beautiful beaches and islands. So if you come to Iran, you can experience different climates. You can see jungles in the North and take a short flight to one of the desert cities. You can see snow, dive in one city, and have a 2-hour drive to another town with a completely different climate. The peak season is in March, April and May. The reason is that Iran looks beautiful. It is spring, and the trees are colorful. The temperature is mild, and it is still rainy in some cities. But Iranian New Year starts with spring, and because of that, there is an extended vacation, and Iranians go on trips to different towns as many tourists would like to know more about our cultures and customs in our new year; many travel to Iran at that time. So if you decide to see Iran in spring, you will meet many people and find the sites so noisy and crowded. September, October, and November are in the high season. This high season is not as loud as the peak season; the weather is lovely too. If you are more interested in visiting Iran in more quiet time, I can suggest you come in summer, if the temperature does not mind. December, January, and February also are in another low season. It is cold in the North and rainy, sunny, and windy in other cities. If we know when you are coming, we can help you better.
How is the exchange rate done?
This is the easiest thing to do. You can do it at the airport and other places like exchange offices in different cities. The easiest currency to change is Euro and Dollar. So we suggest you bring these currencies.

Are unmarried couples able to visit Iran?
Sure, they can. Iran is an Islamic country, but there is no limitation regarding their entrance or accommodation arrangement.

Is Alcohol permitted in Iran?
The answer is NO. As Iran is an Islamic country, it follows the rule of this religion. So you cannot find bars or Alcohol in public. Instead, you can find many teahouses and Sharbatkhane where you can drink healthy and herbal drinks.

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