Discovering Golestan's Spring Charms: Live Like a Turkmen

Exploring the enchanting region of Golestan, particularly the northeastern gem, in the vibrant season of spring sounds like a truly mesmerizing experience. Let's dive deeper into the captivating adventures that await us during our time with Halim, Agche Gol Banu, and their lovely daughter Nabieh:

Immersive Turkmen Lifestyle:

Our journey begins as we are welcomed into the warm embrace of a Turkmen family. We become guests in their traditional Turkmen residence for two days, stepping into their world and experiencing life as they do.

Strolling through the Turkmen Sahara:

The lush green plains of the Turkmen Sahara beckons us to explore their beauty. Accompanied by our Host, we embark on leisurely walks, taking in the breathtaking sights of wild anemones and the vibrant
colors that paint the landscape in spring.

Visiting the Mysterious Khalednabi Cemetery:

An intriguing stop on our journey leads us to the ancient and enigmatic cemetery of Khalednabi. Here, we unravel the mysteries and stories of this sacred place, gaining a deeper understanding of its cultural and historical significance.

Cooking Turkmen Delicacies:

Our Host graciously invited us to join her in the kitchen to prepare traditional Turkmen dishes. Together, we engage in the art of cooking, learning the secrets behind Turkmen Burk and Chekdarmeh and savoring the flavors of their rich culinary heritage. Horseback Riding in the Turkmen Desert: For an exhilarating experience, we saddle up with Turkmen horses and, guided by Halim, ride through the picturesque hills of the Mahors of Khalednabi. This adventure allows us to connect with the Turkmen’s deep bond with their horses and the rugged beauty of the desert terrain.

Milking Cows and Crafting Dairy Products:

As part of our immersion into Turkmen life, we learn the art of milking cows with Halim. We witness the process of obtaining cream and yogurt from fresh milk, gaining an appreciation for the self-sufficiency of Turkmen families.

Living in Black Turkmen Tents:

Perhaps the most enchanting part of our experience is the opportunity to sleep and live in the traditional black Turkmen tents. These tents, steeped in history and culture, give us a genuine sense of the nomadic lifestyle that the Turkmen have embraced for generations.

Throughout our adventure, we immerse ourselves in the captivating Turkmen way of life, create lasting memories, deepen our cultural understanding, and forge meaningful connections with our gracious hosts. This journey offers a rare glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Golestan culture and the enduring traditions of the Turkmen people.