A 4-day tour of Tehran's Zurkhanehs

Echoes of Valor: Tehran's Zurkhaneh Heritage Tour

Embark on a captivating four-day journey through the heart of Tehran, where you’ll immerse yourself in Iran’s rich cultural heritage and the ancient tradition of Zurkhaneh sports. This meticulously crafted tour combines historical exploration with unique experiences in traditional Persian athletics.

4 Days



Your adventure begins as you arrive in Tehran by night. A smooth transfer from the airport will take you directly to your hotel, where you can rest and prepare for the exciting days ahead.

Day 1: Arrival in Tehran

After breakfast, explore the opulent Golestan Palace and delve into Iran’s past at the National Museum of Iran and the Carpet Museum. Enjoy a traditional Iranian lunch featuring the hearty and beloved dish, Dizi, at a classic local restaurant. In the evening, experience the spirited environment of the Pahlevanpour Zurkhaneh, where the ancient sport of Zurkhaneh comes to life with rhythmic and athletic prowess.

Day 2: Palaces, Museums, and Zurkhaneh Experience

Spend your morning wandering through the bustling alleys of Tehran’s Grand Bazaar, a perfect place to shop and soak up the local atmosphere. Lunch will be at one of the bazaar’s renowned restaurants, offering another taste of authentic Persian cuisine. The evening promises another traditional Zurkhaneh visit, this time at the Zurkhaneh of Shir, showcasing the strength and agility of its athletes.

Day 3: Bazaar Adventures and Another Zurkhaneh Visit

Your final day is rich with cultural treasures, starting with a tour of the Niavaran Palace Complex followed by visits to the National Jewelry Museum and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. As the day winds down, we will escort you to the airport, concluding your memorable tour of Tehran’s historical and cultural highlights.

Day 4: Palatial Grandeur and Artistic Wonders

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