Rice Farming Experience in Gilan

This day promises to be an educational and immersive adventure, allowing you to connect with the culture and traditions deeply rooted in the rice fields of Gilan. We look forward to sharing this memorable experience with you.

Rice farming in Gilan, a lush and verdant province in northern Iran, thrives due to the region’s unique climatic conditions and abundant water resources. Gilan’s subtropical, humid climate, characterized by heavy rainfall and mild winters, provides an ideal environment for rice cultivation. The province’s landscape is dotted with rice paddies that are carefully flooded during the rainy season, creating the perfect setting for this staple crop.

One of the distinctive features of rice farming in Gilan is the use of traditional and sustainable methods. Farmers often employ centuries-old techniques for planting, maintaining, and harvesting rice crops. Due to its hilly terrain, the fertile soil and terraced fields, a common sight in Gilan, allow for efficient water management and soil preservation. This traditional approach to rice farming ensures the crop’s sustainability and preserves the region’s cultural heritage and agricultural traditions. Rice plays a vital role in the local cuisine, with Gilani dishes such as “Tahchin” (a savory rice cake) and “Baghala Ghatogh” (rice with lima beans and dill) showcasing the delicious results of this time-honored farming practice.

Rice paddies are a vital part of the culture and lifestyle of the people in Gilan. In our region, a meal without rice doesn’t hold much meaning, and the nature of our land is incomplete without its lush greenery. Even our sayings and stories are heavily influenced by the presence of rice paddies. Many Gilanians are somehow involved in the rice production process. Some are landowners, some work as laborers in the paddies, others are employed in rice milling workshops and factories, and others engage in rice trade. In this experience, you will immerse yourself in the life of an authentic Gilanian. You’ll don special rice paddy boots and gloves, walk along picturesque routes, and venture into the rice fields to experience one of the world’s most challenging yet rewarding jobs.

As you may know, rice farming is a seasonal endeavor. In spring, we transplant the seedlings; during summer, we tend and care for the rice plants; and by late summer, we begin the harvest. The stage at which you visit our rice paddies is entirely up to you. The beauty of it is that there is always something to experience and plenty of stories to hear in the rice paddies.

Here’s what you can expect during this unique experience:

Explore Scenic Routes:

We’ll walk through beautiful paths leading to the rice paddies.

Engage in Rice Farming:

Depending on the season, you can participate in various stages of rice farming, including planting, tending, or harvesting.

Learn About the Impact of Rice:

Discover the significance of rice and how it shapes the indigenous way of life in Gilan.