Gilan's Straw Weaving Adventure

Explore the art of straw weaving in Gilan. Learn about the unique Lee plant, its habitat, and regional significance. Dive into two weaving techniques, "Gis" and "Pich," and craft your exquisite piece of art to take home as a cherished keepsake.

This beautiful home, known as “Telar Khaneh,” is a straw-weaving museum filled with handcrafted items- bags, hats, tablecloths, and mats- all made by our hands. The wild “Lee” or “Gali” plant grows abundantly throughout Gilan, along riversides, and in wetlands. We use this plant resourcefully in our weaving, demonstrating our gratitude for nature’s gift. Lee plants are flexible, easy to handle, and lightweight. The main tools for weaving are your hands and fingers, making it a delightful and charming craft. With two weaving techniques, “Gis” and “Pich,” we practice and simultaneously create a unique piece of art together, enjoying each other’s company and having fun.

What to Expect:

Learn About the Life of the Lee Plant:

Get acquainted with the Lee plant, its habitat, and regional characteristics.

Explore Two Weaving Techniques:

Practice “Gis” and “Pich” weaving techniques and create a personal artwork to take home as a cherished keepsake.