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Naqsh-e Rostam

One of the remnants of three civilizations – Achaemenid, Sasanian, and Elamite – is the Naqsh-e Rostam rock relief, which features engravings and contains the tombs of some historical dignitaries. These reliefs and tombs from three great dynasties in Iran are engraved on a large mountain, known locally as Mount Hossein. Interestingly, these tombs are also known as ‘gour-dakhmeh,’ with significant importance among other tourist attractions worldwide; this type of tomb is not seen in any other ancient artifacts in other countries and is registered in the name of Iran. The engravings on these rocks are a memoir and a record of the battles of Sasanian kings, left as a legacy for future generations, including battles of:

  • Shapur I of the Sasanian Empire
  • Bahram II
  • Hormizd II
  • Shapur II

Additionally, a cubic structure known as the Ka’ba-ye Zartosht is built here, whose purpose and use remain a mystery and is only preserved as a valuable national heritage among the best attractions in Iran.

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