Welcome to the traditional house in Kashan. This accommodation consists of four large rooms and a spacious, serene courtyard provided to guests in a closed setting. We pay special attention to giving extra bedding for additional guests to ensure that your stay at this place becomes a unique and enjoyable experience.

Accommodation Units

  • Large Rooms: Four large rooms with traditional decor and unique designs await you. Each room has all the amenities and comforts for your stay.
  • Spacious Courtyard: A large and beautiful courtyard with serenity and tranquility allows you to spend joyful and pleasant moments in the open air.
  • Additional Services: Extra beds and essentials such as blankets and bed linens will also be available for other guests.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Kitchen: A shared kitchen with complete equipment for preparing your meals is at your disposal.
  • Wi-Fi: Free access throughout the accommodation lets you stay connected to the virtual world.
  • Hygiene Services: Our accommodation offers guests access to laundry towels and other hygiene facilities to make your stay better and more comfortable.
  • Parking: Car parking facilities are available on the accommodation’s premises for our valued guests.

Location and Accessibility

This traditional house is located in a beautiful and historical environment in Kashan. This accommodation lets you quickly access the city’s tourist attractions and historical sites.

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We invite you to a unique and unparalleled experience at the traditional house in Kashan. Here, you can enjoy the architectural masterpieces of traditional Iran and experience the history and culture of this land with every breath. We hope your stay at this place becomes a pleasant memory.