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Tehran > Ardebil > Zanjan >  Hamedan > Isfahan > Shiraz
Trip Style:
Village Tour | Duration: 14 Days Tour

1st day Tehran : welcome to Tehran , the capital of Iran, then you will be transferred to hotel for accommodation. 2nd day Tehran : full day touring museums such as archaeological , glass, carpet museums and Saad Abad Palace .O/N Tehran


Day 1 Tehran

Welcome to Tehran , the capital of Iran, then you will be transferred to hotel for accommodation.

Day 2 Tehran

Full day touring museums such as archaeological , glass, carpet museums and Saad Abad Palace .O/N Tehran

Day 3 Masuleh

Setting off by surface toward a beautiful mountainous village , Masuleh which offers towering spectacular view and spending night in this village can be a treat !

Day 4 Ardebil

Our tour goes further heading Ardebil checking out its highlights, including Sheikh Safi-o-din mausoleum ,Jame mosque .O/N Ardebil

Day 5 Sarein

Depart by surface to Sarein , there is nothing in all of Iran to equal this wonderland , packed with Spa and hot springs . get settled in Sarein

Day 6 Sarein

There is no better way to enjoy the spa unless you soak yourself ! then drive to Tabriz for overnight stay

Day 7 Tabriz

Today you will be rewarded with a side trip to stunning , troglodytic village, in the afternoon return to Tabriz paying visit to Blue mosque , Shah Goli pavilion , Azarbayjan museum , largest vaulted traditional bazaar. O/N Tabriz

Day 8 Zanjan

Drive to Zanjan to visit Rakht shurkhane , Jame mosque and sip tea in fascinating teahouse , Don’t miss Soltaniye dome and getting lost in Bazaar. O/N Zanjan

Day 9 Hamedan

Before beginning our journey in Hamedan we will have an excursion to Kermanshah , exploring Sassanid bas relievs at Taghe Bostan , with time moving on return to Hamedan visiting Ganjnameh , Avicennia mausoleum , Esther and Moderea tomb . O/N Hamedan

Day 10 Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan ;the combination of art and architecture , touring its sites such as Vank cathedral , Sio se pol , khaju bridges, Chehel sotun palace and Friday mosque . O/N Isfahan

Day 11 Isfahan

A great way to break in your second day in Isfahan is by wandering vast , panoramic Imam square which is flanked by Shiekh Lotfollah and Imam mosque , Aali qapu , and bazaar . then fly to Shiraz in the evening . O/N Shiraz

Day 12 Shiraz

The whole day is dedicated touring the city of “roses and nightingales “ visiting Eram garden ,Nasirol Molk mosque ,Narenjestan palace , tombs of Hafez and Saadi , Ali e bne Hamzeh shrine . O/N Shiraz

Day 13 Shiraz

Expect to be on the road for an excursion toward ancient Persia ; Perspolis.Pasargad , Naghshe rostam ,Naghshe rajab,.in the evening return to Shiraz and transfer to airport connecting your domestic flight to Tehran .O/N Tehran

Day 14 Departure 

Transfer to intl airport and fly back home with lots of sweet Iranian memories





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