Sisakht: A Symphony of Seasons, from Snow-Clad Winters to Blossoming Springs

Sisakht is a small beautiful city in south west of Iran. It is located in Kokiluye and Boyerahad province. You can easily put step on Shiraz- Isfahan road and after passing cities like Sepidan and Yasooj you will get to this area. This city is a cold snow-covered area during winter which shows off the white picture it has made. During other seasons, the city is replete with delicate wind, filled flowing streams, green forests, and gardens full of fruits and flowers.

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Sisakht could be traced back in history, legends, and braveries. There is a saying that once one of the Iranian legendary kings named Keikhosro was passing this area with the accompany of thirty great strong men of his kingdom. On their way, they came across a steeped neck of a mountain across which passing was an absolute difficulty. The king decided to return, realizing that they could not pass this part of the path, but the adjutants refused to do that. As the troupers realized that their king had left them at dawn, they opted to follow him but at long last they couldn’t make it because of the snow and freezing weather. This area is named Sisakht (endurance of thirty) after these troupers’ bravery and loyalty. There are certain traditions specific to the people who are living in this city. They usually don’t lock the door of their cars or their houses. There is a symbolic sculpture in the middle of the city which represents a farmer who is standing while there is a book in one of his hands and there are crops on the other hand.

Koh Gol

The beauty that you may see in this area is a sign of heaven. Going eight kilometers east toward Sisakht City, you will reach a place called Kooh Gol. You will also face a remarkable incomparable scene if you just walk from the downside of the spring to the lake. The path is so easy to pass that even grandfathers can walk through it side by side with their grandchildren. The winding form of the path makes it impossible for you to guess what a wonderful scene you are to see when you get to the lake. The lake is truly blue and seen through that the brown reflection of mountains and the yellow flowers are crystal clear in it. The image of the grassland, colorful flowers, and flying birds are all reflected in the lake as if they are granted gifts made of portrays and sounds.

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