Horseback Adventure in Lafoor

This horseback riding experience will not only introduce you to the art of horse riding but also immerse you in the natural beauty and lifestyle of Lavoor. Sahar, the other kids, and I are here to ensure you have a memorable time.

Imagine a vast and wonderful green plain above the Lafoor Dam. Now, picture a bunch of horses of various colors and ages freely roaming this pasture. Some young colts are even having a friendly race. Be careful not to change your spot too much, as the little ones might get frisky. A cool breeze is blowing.
Along with the horses, we have come with dignity to teach you horseback riding. As we head towards the plain and prepare for riding, a couple of horses approach us, sniffing curiously. Due to the necessity of farming and agriculture, most kids in the north became skilled in horseback riding. So, rest assured, trust me, and let me show you how to mount a horse.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Learn Horseback Riding from a Local Expert:

You’ll receive horseback riding lessons from a local expert.

Enjoy the Spectacular View:

Take the breathtaking view of the freely roaming horses, the plain, and the water.

Observe the Life of Free Horses:

Witness the lives of free horses and gain fascinating insights about them.

Overlook the Lavoor Dam:

Look down on the scenic Lavoor Dam and appreciate its beauty from above.