Historic Churches and Cultural Marvels of Iran Tour

Iran's Churches and Beyond: A Journey Through Time

This tour offers a comprehensive journey through Iran’s rich religious and cultural history. Travelers will visit some of Iran’s most significant churches, including Vank Cathedral in Isfahan, St. Mary’s Church in Tabriz, and Qara Kelisa near Chaldoran, exploring their unique architecture and historical significance. Along the way, travelers will also discover other heritage sites, such as the UNESCO-listed Naqsh-e Jahan Square and the Soltaniyeh Dome in Zanjan, along with cultural markets and natural attractions. The tour provides an in-depth look at Iran’s diverse religious heritage, cultural landmarks, and historical treasures.

8 Days



Day 1: Tehran - Isfahan

In the morning, we fly from Tehran to Isfahan. Upon arrival, we first visited the Vank Cathedral. This cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Iran, renowned for its unique architecture and interior paintings. Next, we head to Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square includes historic landmarks such as Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque, and the Grand Bazaar of Isfahan. We visited Chehel Sotoun Palace in the afternoon, an important Safavid-era palace with beautiful wall paintings. We end the day with a visit to the Si-o-se Pol, a historical and beautiful bridge in Isfahan.

Day 2: Isfahan

In the morning, we visited the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, an important historical and architectural site. Next, we head to the Hasht Behesht Garden, a historical garden with beautiful Iranian architecture. We explore the Jolfa district in the afternoon, a historical neighborhood with old houses and other churches. Later, we flew to Tabriz.

Day 3: Tabriz

The day begins with a visit to St. Mary’s Church, the oldest and most important church in Tabriz. Next, we explore the Tabriz Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest bazaars in the Middle East. In the afternoon, we visited the House of the Constitution, a historically significant house with Qajar-era architecture. We end the day at El-Goli Park, a beautiful park in Tabriz with a lake at its center, and spend the night in Tabriz.

Day 4: East Azerbaijan Province

We start the morning by heading to the St. Stepanos Monastery, the second most important church in Iran, in Jolfa. Afterward, we visited the Chupan Church, a small church in the Darreh Sham. In the afternoon, we explored the Asiab Kharaabeh Waterfall, one of the scenic natural spots. We stayed overnight at a local accommodation.

Day 5: West Azerbaijan Province

We begin the morning by visiting the Qara Kelisa (Black Church), one of the most important churches in Iran, near Chaldoran. Next, we visited the Zorzor Church, another significant church near Qara Kelisa. In the afternoon, we explored Lake Urmia, one of Iran’s largest lakes. Then, we head to the Urmia Bazaar, a historical market with local products and handicrafts. We spent the night at an eco-lodge.

Day 6: Zanjan

In the morning, we travel to Zanjan, stopping to see the colorful and intriguing Aladaglar Mountains along the way. In Zanjan, we visit the Laundry Museum, the Saltmen Museum, and the Soltaniyeh Dome. We end the day by traveling to Qazvin and spending the night there.

Day 7: Qazvin

We start the morning by visiting the Kantor Church, a Russian church with unique architecture. Next, we explore the Qazvin Bazaar, a historical and important market. In the afternoon, we visited the Chehel Sotoun Palace of Qazvin, a significant historical palace with beautiful paintings, and then saw the Sardar-e Bozorg Cistern, one of Iran’s historical water reservoirs. We then travel back to Tehran.

Day 8: Tehran

The day begins with a visit to the St. Sarkis Cathedral, a religious site with a unique ambiance and impressive decorations, recognized as the largest church in Tehran. Next, we visited the Golestan Palace, one of the most important palaces in Tehran’s heart. In the afternoon, there’s an opportunity to shop at Tehran’s malls, providing a chance to buy souvenirs and Iranian handicrafts. The trip concludes, and we return home.

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