Tea Harvesting Adventure in Gilan

This experience promises a taste of exquisite tea and an opportunity to connect with the culture and traditions of tea harvesting in the serene Shaib Kelayeh village. We look forward to sharing this memorable journey with you.

In this delightful experience, we’ll journey together to one of the most beautiful tea plantations in Gilan. Alongside locals, we’ll engage in the art of tea harvesting. After plucking the tea leaves, we’ll hand-roll them into tea balls. However, please note that the tea takes about three days to dry properly after the initial process. We’ve already prepared some freshly hand-rolled tea leaves for you, which were dried a few days before our visit so that you can witness the final step.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this tea-centric adventure:

Amidst the Scenic Tea Fields:

We’ll explore the breathtaking beauty of tea plantations.

Tea Harvesting with Locals:

Join in the tea-picking process alongside the local experts.

Hand-Rolling Tea:

Together, we’ll hand-roll fresh tea leaves into tea balls.

Local Tea Brewing Techniques:

Discover the traditional methods of brewing tea.

Souvenir Tea:

You can purchase some locally sourced premium tea as a souvenir.