Northern Style Tea Making: A Journey of Tradition and Taste

What a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in our village's tranquil world of tea-making! Let's delve into the delightful experiences that await us during our time with you:

Picking Tea Leaves with Nature’s Dew:

The morning sun kisses the dew-laden tea leaves in the garden, creating a scene of serene beauty. Join us as we embark on a unique tea-picking adventure with our ever-faithful companions – dogs, chickens, and geese – by our side. We carefully pluck these delicate tea leaves, each a small treasure, and carry them to the heart of our home, the tea-processing room known as “talar” or “eyvaan” in Persian.
Here, we immerse ourselves in the age-old traditions of tea-making. We begin with resting, rolling, and “touching” the tea leaves, following a time-honored and entirely traditional approach. It’s a sensory experience that takes us back to a bygone era, a simpler time when craftsmanship and care defined every step of tea preparation.
Amidst these charming activities, I share the secrets of brewing northern tea with you. The methods passed down through generations are as intricate as they are rewarding. Alongside these lessons, I weave tales of my tea-making experiences from my childhood to the present. These stories are infused with adventure, memories, and a deep love for this cherished tradition.
But the crescendo of our narrative arrives as we gather to savor the fruits of our labor – hand-picked tea, lovingly brewed in the northern style. The tea’s aroma fills the air, and each sip carries the essence of the tea garden and its history. To elevate this experience, we indulge in homemade sweets skillfully crafted by our beloved mother. These treats add a sweet note to our journey, a gesture of love passed from generation to generation.

Throughout this enchanting journey, you aren’t just an observer; you become an active participant in our tea-making tradition. From my youthful days to this very moment, you share in the unfolding of our stories, tastes, and practices. As we relish the flavors of tea and sweets, you become an honorary member of our rural family, immersing yourself in our way of life for a few precious hours.
This experience isn’t just about tea; it’s about connection – with nature, tradition, and each other. It’s a voyage through time and culture, and we invite you to be part of it, to savor the moments, and to forge lasting friendships in the heart of our village.

I hope you will join us for this unique and memorable experience!

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