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Aladagh Lar Mountains

The diverse natural landscapes of Iran, ranging from lakes, forests, and hot springs to deserts, valleys, and caves, attract tourists with varying interests. Among the most beautiful natural wonders in Iran and a notable attraction near Tabriz are the colorful Aladagh Lar Mountains.

These multicolored mountains are rare and found in only a few places worldwide, such as the Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China and the Ausangate Mountain in Peru. The formation of these mountains in China is attributed to millions of years of compression and oxidation of minerals and sandstone. A similar process likely occurred in other similar places worldwide, creating these astonishing mountains resembling a giant cake with colorful layers. Many Iranian and foreign tourists are unaware of this attraction, although it draws photography enthusiasts and visitors to Tabriz to witness its beauty. The Aladagh Lar Mountains, also known as the Rainbow Mountains, are located about 25 kilometers northeast of the city of Tabriz.

You can visit the Rainbow Mountains throughout the year, each season offering a unique spectacle. The mountains exhibit distinct hues under the sunlight and present a different picture during autumn and winter with rain and snow.

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