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Chahar Bagh Theological School

The Chahar Bagh Theological School, originally known as Madrasahe Madare Shah, is a Safavid-era masterpiece built between 1704 and 1714 during the reign of Shah Soltan Hosain, the last Safavid king. Renowned for its exquisite tile work, it features a tiled double dome and walls adorned with fine tile designs and patterns. The school, surrounded by a garden with pools and a marble basin, is noted for its two principal gateways: one from Chahar Bagh Avenue, made of silver and gold, and another from the Qaisariyeh Bazaar, showcasing original Safavid inlaid work. While primarily a theological college, it houses a prayer hall with a notable mihrab facing Mecca. The interior includes 150 chambers around the courtyard, minarets famed for their ornateness, and a private chamber of Shah Soltan Hosain with rich gilt decoration. The South Iwan’s portal is particularly rich in mosaics of jade and turquoise on a golden background. The school’s dome, altar, and wooden windows are also significant for their architectural harmony and beauty, reflecting the last style of Safavid decorative art, especially in the use of yellow and gold shades and floral motifs.

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