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Dizin International Ski Resort

The Dizin Ski Resort, a familiar name to winter sports enthusiasts, is located in the Alborz mountain range, about 70 kilometers north of Karaj and 6 kilometers from Velayat Rud. Parts of the Dizin ski resort’s recreational complex are in Tehran Province. This complex offers an ideal opportunity for relaxation, friendly and family recreation, and enjoying the clean mountain air. It attracts many athletes and tourists in all seasons with its excellent recreational and welfare facilities.

Dizin is the first, most important, most professional, largest, and perhaps the most famous ski resort in Iran and the Middle East, and a tourist attraction of Alborz Province. Annually, it hosts professional athletes and domestic and international tourists during the winter and summer seasons. It is the first ski resort in Iran to be recognized by the International Ski Federation for hosting international competitions.

The Dizin Ski Resort boasts untouched and beautiful landscapes of the Alborz Mountains, enhancing its appeal to tourists and athletes. It has four main slopes of varying lengths and gradients, catering to a wide range of athletes from beginners to professionals.

The resort is also noted for its advanced facilities and equipment, such as fast modern ski lifts, sophisticated snowmaking and snow grooming systems, numerous restaurants and cafes, and a hotel and guesthouse with high-quality amenities.

Thanks to its favorable geographical location and the cold, snowy climate of the Alborz Mountains, Dizin often has better snow and conditions for skiing compared to other ski resorts in the country, leading to a longer ski season. This advantage has contributed to the resort’s increased popularity throughout the year.

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