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Fandoghloo Forest

The Fandoghloo Forest, locally known as “Masheh,” is one of the most beautiful attractions in Ardabil Province for nature enthusiasts. If you yearn for a meadow filled with flowers like chamomile and an untouched, pristine forest, this place offers the chance to immerse yourself in all this beauty, breathing in the freshness and rejuvenating your tired body and mind.

In Fandoghloo Forest, 19 forest species have been identified, including rare species like hazelnut, hornbeam, oak, tall mazoo, and wild pear, which add to the region’s value. However, the forest is named Fandoghloo because hazelnut trees predominate over other species. In the Fandoghloo area, animals such as foxes, wolves, brown bears, otters, and birds like pheasants, partridges, golden eagles, larks, and magpies are found.

One of the world’s most beautiful and rarest flowers, the Susan-e Chelcheragh (literal translation: Lily of the Lamp), grows in the meadows of Fandoghloo Forest, offering great potential for the development of the tourism industry. Chamomile is also a fragrant annual plant, growing 20 to 40 centimeters tall, which naturally grows in fields, meadows, gardens, and especially in the forest area of Fandoghloo Namin.

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