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Hegmataneh, a site of great historical value in Iran, has a history exceeding 3,000 years and was the first capital of Iran during the Medes era. It later served as the summer capital for the Achaemenids, Parthians, and Sassanids. Registered as a national heritage site in 1931, it has yielded significant artifacts from the Achaemenid period, including golden and silver items and the renowned golden rhyton. The Hegmataneh Museum and a complex of churches add to its appeal as a tourist destination. The Hegmataneh Mound, covering 30 to 35 hectares, is the widest ancient mound in Iran. About 10 hectares of it was privately owned but was acquired in 1968-1969 for preservation. The city’s well-planned architecture, extensive water supply network, and ancient streets highlight its historical significance. Alongside cities like Athens, Rome, and Susa, Hegmataneh is one of the few ancient cities globally that has remained largely intact.

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