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Masal Summer Resorts

Masal, a town northwest of Rasht in Gilan Province, Iran, is renowned for its summer resorts, celebrated for their clean, pristine environments, serene and foggy atmospheres, tranquility, high waterfalls, and green pastures that allow visitors to walk among clouds. These resorts attract many travelers seeking a peaceful retreat from urban life, offering a paradise-like experience reminiscent of a surrealistic painting.

Olasbelangah, the most picturesque of these resorts, sits 1,490 meters above sea level and 27 kilometers northwest of Masal City, offering stunning views of Masal and Talesh. This resort is favored for its pleasant climate, especially during hot summer days. It’s a protected area where construction is limited to wooden materials, maintaining its traditional wooden cottages, colorful shingle roofs, and old-world charm. Visitors can enjoy local amenities such as butcher shops, small stalls with fresh meat, bread, eggs, snacks, and local dairy products like milk, butter, and cheese.

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