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Kerman Contemporary Art Museum

Haj Ali Akbar San’ati was a generous man who, in 1938. Founded a charity and a school to protect orphans. This charity was brilliantly successful in educating its students not only in the scientific fields but also in various artistic branches. In 1976, a part of this charity including a library, a cinema hall, several galleries, and a garden were converted into a cultural center and a public museum. This museum is located in a beautiful construction accessible through an arched high entrance built in 1947. By the way, bricks with arched doors and windows make them a domed building. The entrance is also made of plain and glazed tiles together with inlaid turquoise and black tiles.

Paintings, statues, and many other artworks of Iranian and foreign artists are exhibited in this museum. More than one thousand works displayed in this museum were created by Sayyed Ali Akbar Sanati himself a student of this education center and a close disciple of the founder of the charity. He has finished various courses in art schools and colleges and secured his university degrees before appearing as an outstanding artist in today’s Iran.

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