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Taqe Bostan grottoes

The Taqe Bostan grottoes, located near Kermanshah, are significant for their unique Sassanian rock carvings, which stand apart from most others in Iran both in period and style. One of the main reliefs depicts the investiture of Ardeshir II (379-383 A.D.), flanked by deities Ahura Mazda and Mithra. Inside the smaller grotto, carvings from the reign of Shapur II and III (383-388) are found. The larger grotto, dating from a later period (610-626), is most remarkable. Its facade features unique Sassanian art with Nikes, cornucopia, garland of ribbons, and trees of life. Inside, two scenes depict Khosrow II’s investiture and him on his horse, Shabdiz. However, the highlight is the sidewall hunting panels, which vividly portray boar and stag hunts with intricate details and a variety of smaller scenes, including elephants, camels, and lively human figures, showcasing a rich narrative and artistic depth.

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