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Hara Forest in Qeshm

The Hara Forest in Qeshm is a unique natural attraction in Iran, located within the salty waters of the Persian Gulf. Renowned globally, it is part of the country’s natural heritage. The allure of the Hara Forest is most pronounced when the trees emerge from the submerged state, creating a surreal landscape reminiscent of science fiction movies.

Also known as the Mangrove Forest, this marine forest is an intriguing destination in Qeshm. Visitors navigating through its waters witness green trees seemingly growing amid a thicket of wood, which are the roots of the trees extending skywards. These roots adapt to saline water by converting it into fresh water, allowing the forest to thrive. The vegetation is primarily composed of “Hara” and “Chandal” trees, which emerge from the water during low tide and are partially submerged during high tide. The tropical climate of the region further contributes to the growth of the Hara trees.

The Hara Forest provides an ideal ecological environment and serves as a habitat for migratory birds from tropical regions, such as large egrets, Indian darters, sharp-nosed reeds, grey herons, kingfishers, and more. It is also home to various birds, marine life, amphibians, sea snakes, fishes, and turtles. Interestingly, 80% of the aquatic life in the Persian Gulf breeds in this region.

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