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Tochal, near Tehran, offers an escape from the city’s bustle and pollution, providing various recreational activities like cable cars, a ski slope, chairlifts, tobogganing, bungee jumping, and more. Besides popular activities like mountaineering and skiing, Tochal also offers archery, VR experiences, and other thrilling activities.

The Tochal ski slope, one of the capital’s most popular and closest to Tehran (just 5 kilometers north of the city), allows for an exciting day of skiing without a long drive home. Situated at a high elevation of 3,500 meters at its seventh station, it’s the first snow-catching ski slope in Iran, often operational for eight months during high precipitation years. The 1,200-meter-long ski slope starts near Tochal’s peak at 3,850 meters and ends near the hotel at 3,550 meters.

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