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Tomb of Abu Ali Sina

The historic city of Hamedan is a beautiful center that forms the gateway to the western regions of Iran and lies about 337km. from Tehran. Hamedan, which nestles under the towering Mount Alvand, has several monuments worthy of interest while lacking antique vestiges. The best one covers the tomb of the famous Ibne Sina called Avicenna by the Western world. Ibne Sina was one of the most famous Persian philosophers and scholars in the Middle Ages who died in Hamedan1037. Avicenna was a prodigy who knew the Koran by heart at ten and went on to become the leading philosopher and physician of his age, writing poems and compiling several scientific books and the encyclopedia called Daneshnamehe Alai (Ala’s Book of Knowledge). This prince of philosophers left a treatise on medicine which was translated into Latin and exerted a tremendous influence evening the West. His mausoleum is a modern structure and was erected in 1952. Twelve concrete columns support its conicalro above the sepulchral which is decorated with inscriptions recalling the work of the “Prince of Philosophers”.

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