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Tomb of Saadi

One of the biggest places to visit is the garden, where the tomb of Saadi is located. Saadi is the Persian Iranian poet, writer, and philosopher who was born and died in the 13th century in Shiraz.

He is supposed to be a great lyric poet second only to Hafez. All in all; he is one of the great names in Iranian literature.

Saadi was a great traveler too. He spent many years wandering from the Middle East and North Africa to India. He finally settled in Shiraz where he composed his two major works. Those are Golestan (garden of roses) and Boostan (the Orchard). These two books are so popular among Iranians that those poems or phrases are daily quoted by millions of Iranian-speaking people around the world. In 1291 AD, Saadi was buried near Hafez; nevertheless, his tomb with a turquoise-blue dome was rebuilt in 1952.

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